Artistically Framed for a Modern Urban Decor by Home Spun

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Framing newspaper and magazine cut-outs artistically, that influence various perceptions and enrich your home decor! HOME SPUN by AYESHWARYA deals in artsy collage-frames and prints, that can be custom-made according to your mood, likes and lifestyle choices.


What began as an experiment for Ayeshwarya, turned out to be a liberation via art. She creates collages using cut-outs of newspaper, magazine and the sorts, places them artistically to give it meaning and a fresh perspective. Depending on her state of mind, she creates inspirational collages, some on social causes, others revolving around a theme, and some simply to prep up your space.


What we like the most about these prints/frames are how they instill a ultra modern aesthetic vibe whilst complimenting simplicity. For instance check out the “I AM ONE WITH NATURE” portraying a woman’s sync with the nature, is it beautiful or is it? “GYPSY” is yet another collage we love. Reflecting the nomadic way of life and world, these collages inspire and talk a great deal about each of our choices.


For a rather pop-art and 70s kind of vibe, check out “RENEE’S DAY OUT. Refreshes a dull mood by instantly adding a vibrant feel in the air. You can even have these customised as per your preferences.


Give your room or your space a unique gift, invest in one of these prints ranging from 600 onwards, and be surprised with the number of perceptions your mind forms with one image.

It’s all a game of mind and mood.


​You can check the products out at Tasty Stories, 80 ft Road, Indiranagar.


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