Avare Bele Mela:The Food Fiesta Glorifying Hyacinth Beans

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Avarekai or hyacinth beans are broad beans famous for its versatility. It can be used to make some traditional sweets or even a crunchy mixture. The combinations and recipes made using them are endless! Every year, a food festival honoring the 'avarebele' is held in the famous food street of V.V. Puram. This street is an important part of the food scene in Bangalore. Everyday, food carts, food stalls and smaller vendors flock the street with something new and innovative. It is a paradise for the foodies in town! This year the mela is bigger and better- adding two new locations across Bangalore.

The textures and flavours that are infused in the hyacinth bean provide various ideas to the chefs to explore the culinary possibilities and incorporate the same for their recipes. And rightfully so, the Avarekai Mela has more than 50 varieties of sweet and savoury dishes with about a 100 chefs working to cater to the demand of the public!

This food festival glorifies the hyacinth bean. You would get a chance to relish umpteen traditional dishes that you might have never tasted. For instance, the spicy Hitukbele Saaru which can be an accompaniment to everything like idly, dosa, rotti, poori, rice and chapati is the ultimate indulgence for any avarekai-lover. Various dishes like ragi rotti, akki rotti, ragi mudde, avarekai-idly, dosa and kodubale are served with this 'saaru'. The Hitukbele Saru can also be bought in multiples of a litre to enjoy at home. Another crowd favourite is the Avarebele Dosa. It is a traditional fluffy dosa topped with some lip-smacking Avarebele, onions and coriander, sprinkled with a spicy podi and smeared with a spoonful of ghee.

Moreover, at this food festival, you may even opt for Holige. Holige is every Bangalorean's favourite sweet. It is a traditional bread stuffed with a coconut and jaggery filling, finished off on a tawa with some ghee. The Avarekai Mela offers this delicacy with an avarekai twist to it! A must-try for all the holige fans out there! Also order take-away, cause we know- one holige is never enough! Talking about sweets, the hitukbele payasam, halwa, jamoon and kheer are the other glorious creations of the chefs at this Mela. The hitukbele beans are essentially boiled to bring out the soft texture before being used in these sweets. These sweets may even be the perfect gifting option this season!

In the mood for some fusion food? We suggest the Avarebele Manchurian. The spicy and tangy flavours of this dish are a perfect complement to the cold, winter weather in Bangalore right now. Avarebele Panipuri is another perfect fusion of flavours, elevating the most popular street food-panipuri! It is a simple, yet lip-smacking delicacy.

Grab your choice of Hitukbele mixture to enjoy as an evening snack or as an accompaniment with your lunch. The mixture is basically a heavenly combination of various flavours and condiments like cashew nuts, groundnuts, benne hunde, and puffed rice to name a few. Pudina, chilli and garlic are the most popular flavours that exist. Other classics like plain and salted hitukbele appeal to the younger crowd. Store it in your snacks dabba for more than a month and we promise, the flavour will be just right!

On that note, head to the Avarebele Mela to surprise your palate with the various flavours and buy some Avarebele to experiment in your kitchen! Do tell us how it turns out!

Locations of the Mela:

Malleshwaram Govt School Ground
Dates: 18th January, 2017 - 22nd January, 2017

Nagarbhavi (beside Poornima Mahal)
Dates: 25th January, 2017 - 29th January, 2017

V.V.Puram food street
Dates: 5th January, 2017- 15th January, 2017

Author and Picture Credit: Vaishnavi Kv

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