Be mystified with magical lanterns, lights at Shambhala

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Find unique, vintage-inspired lamps and candle stands to give a mystical elegant touch to your house only at Shambhala, Unique Expressions, 100ft bar and boutique, 100ft road, Indiranagar.

Shambhala means a mystical kingdom in the Tibetan Buddhism and as named, the store deals in intricate and tasteful art forms that in one way or more depicts the art of the very culture. It’s a sublime mix of traditional and contemporary decor. It’s about ‘creative balance’ they say. One can find himself / herself lost in the fine art each piece portrays.

We walked into the store space overwhelmed by its Buddha effigies, their vibrant, vintage and Buddhism-inspired shelf décor. But their rich gallery of lamps, lanterns and candle holders (stands) swept us off our feet. There wasn’t one candle stand or lamp that we didn’t want to purchase. We had a whole new house pictured in our minds where we found ourselves decorating it these very beauties.

The white and turquoise walled ambiance, shows off some marvellous porcelain, ceramic hurricanes (candle holders and lanterns) with patterned holes to let light pass through. It creates magic when lit, you will find yourself loving each porcelain hurricane at Shambhala. We loved the unique shapes (pots, owls, reindeer horns, cylindrical) these came in, and the patterns made by them on the walls and floors is magical. Some lanterns were lit by fairy lights (led bulbs) that created dramatic effects on the walls, those are our most absolute favourite. Rush to it, we can’t promise as to how long we shall wait before we dive in for a buy.

What’s more is they also have tiny, minimalistic candle holders, extremely cute and affordable. The little blue birdie candle carousels are for the quirky hearts. What we really like is there’s something unique and beautiful for every taste here. Be it for the admirers of glass lamps and holders, they have an array of glass jars and bottles to hold the candles in multi colours.

Our take – Shambhala has plentiful art for everyone. Grab some of their elegant, mystical lanterns, lamps ASAP to redecorate your house and make it feel homelier.

Address: 100ft Boutique Bar, 777/i, 100ft road, Indiranagar.
Contact: 09880233444
Opens – 10a.m. – 1 a.m.

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