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Attributes: Decor, Kitchen and Dining, Upholstery & Carpets, Cushion & Throws

For all those who prefer a vintage charm adorning their home and spaces, we’ve found a boutique that caters to just you. Beautiful block printed fabric are available as Quilts, Spreads, Table mats, Curtains and some even in the form of Aprons, Gloves, Oven Mitts to add a quirky yet old world design charm in your daily lives.

Reviving the traditional and ancient crafts of India involving skilled artisans and techniques eliminated by mass production, SOMA Block Prints offer an alluring range of home furnishings in block printed fabrics.

We’re in absolute awe of their newest store in Indiranagar. Gorgeously spaced and presented, simple yet nostalgic (check out the floor tiles), the store houses a range of fashion, fashion accessories, kitchen accessories, soft furnishings and the works. Check out the quilts, spreads cushion covers and curtains for beautiful prints splashed across the fabrics that if paired well would help you create a divine space fused with modern furniture.

If you’re not looking at renovating your soft furnishings then, you must pay a visit to SOMA for the quirkiest kitchen accessories we’ve seen so far. Play cards used as dip and chutney bowls, funky metal carved cutlery to enjoy a meal even more, plates and trays that were once famously used by your Grandma, now available with a twist of urban comfort and aesthetic.

Pick any of their products, quality, appeal and price affordability is guaranteed. And having vintage prints back in vogue, we can’t complaint but stock our wardrobe and adorn our houses with these pretty prints.

Address: #759, 100ft road, Indiranagar.
#34/1,Promenade Road (towards St.John’s road), Ulsoor.

  • ​Written by Shreeya Bohra

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