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Looking to relax at a serene French brasserie? Want to know which is the hottest Instagram-worthy restaurant that should be on your ‘hit-list’?
Drawing its inspiration from French brasseries, serving single plated delectables; an exciting mix of various Indian tongues, BOMBAY BRASSERIE answers our relentless queries of ‘where-to-go’ this weekend.

Styled with zany tones of blue and white, delightful wooden accents and nostalgic vintage pieces, the place is all about an interesting medley, of all ambience, food and beverages. Gloriously spaced and beautifully designed, each table faces an eclectic mix of it’s juxtaposed furniture and tones.
We’d be lying if we weren’t in love with the place, so much so, that we religiously shared in on our Snapchat and Instagram stories.

What also surprises us is the fact that BOMBAY BRASSERIE is at last a restaurant that rightly boasts of a menu offering a definitive proof of servings beyond the regular.
Take their CALCUTTA KICK cocktail for instance; imagine a spiked Calcutta Saada paan, fresh betel leaves, gulkand and saunf blended with vodka? Interesting right? Or JANTA BAR for that matter. Derived from the 24/7 bar and restaurant and bombay, this masala-whisky drink is yet again a very intriguing concoction to sip. And if you still look to still to the conventional, with a slightly hatke twist then, why not ask for MOLLY LOLLY? The classic, tequila based lime Margarita turns into a fun activity with the addition of a naughty lolly on a stick.

When it comes to 'chakna' to pair them drinks up, the newest eatery ensures that their set platters of a 6 CHUTNEY PAPAD TOKRI or even their CHAKNA TRAY, does the job. While the former is a plate full of assorted crunchy aloo, urad and sabudana papad, that are best with their range of homemade chutneys; the lattter is a delicious platter of mixed crunchy, tasty nibbles that you must order with your drink.

Sampling flavours of Bombay, right here in Bangalore is of course hard to get by but, when you ask their CHILLI CHEESE KULCHA; the mini Kulchas stuffed with chilli cheese; are a great way to sample Bombay's famous chilli cheese toast.
For something a little bit more substantial, their take on KASHMIRI NAAN KEBAB is a must try. When ordered, out comes a long hand-ground mutton mince seekh infused with the flavours of 'kebab chini', which served on a saffron brushed naan, accompanied by 'doon chetin', a delicious Kashmiri creamy yoghurt dip.

They say that fish curry made with kudampuli (black tamarind) stays fresh longer; while, we can’t really vouch for that but, their RED HOT KERALA FISH surely is a lipsmacking dish. The tangy Kottayam fish curry cooked with black tamarind, red chillies and fresh coconut, is cooked in a 'manchatti' or clay pot and we all know as to how nothing beats the flavour of food cooked in an earthen pot.
If fish is your fiend, fret not the PANCH PHORAN CHICKEN should do the trick. Chicken legs rubbed and roasted in Bengal's extraordinary and flavourful 'panch phoran' spice blend? Can’t really go wrong there, can we?

What's a meal, without a sweet sign-off, and with a dessert so thrilling, we simply could not ask for more. East meets West when you ask for a bowlful of RAS-E-AAM, wherein you are served with a delicious Roshogulla nestled in rich rabdi topped with 'aamras', made with Alphonso mangoes. Just the mere thought of the same, brings back such sweet memories.
For a more conventional delight, the ANGLO INDIAN BREAD PUDDING is made the traditional way and baked to a warm, golden brown.

The latest entry in Bangalore’s restaurant scene is indeed a hub, where food lovers could discover and celebrate gastronomic delights, made with the finest ingredients, blended with glorious tradition and some novelty.
You shouldn’t be pondering over whether to go or to not for, we’ve given plenty reasons, all luring enough for you to book your tables for the weekend, and spend an evening full of scrumptious food and fascinating cocktails. Cheers.

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