Break the rules. Saree styling-exhibit at The Saree Festival

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It is known that women look the prettiest in Sarees.
Ask your Grandmother, mother, aunt, fashion experts they’ll tell you we are right. Ask a man, he would prefer a saree on a woman anyday to a beautifully fitted denim or a crop top or a flowy skirt. Some even go gaga over it, for it’s created to seduce grace, immense beauty and elegance.


Celebrating the Indian wardrobe staple, Red Earth curates and presents an exclusive festival-cum-exhibit, THE SAREE FESTIVAL, BANGALORE 2016, of diverse range of sarees, and an innovative saree jam featuring unconventional and fun ways of draping and styling sarees. Head down to 1 Shanthi Road studio gallery anytime from 13th (7 p.m onwards) - 16th October (11 a.m - 8 p.m)


On 14th October 7 p.m onwards, redefining the mundane designs into fresh contemporary art, Himanshu Verma, the curator of the festival, will be showing us exciting and dynamic ways of draping sarees, blouse styling and accessorising. We’re game to bring sarees to the streets in a fun way, who’s with us?

The Saree Mela from 14th- 16th will showcase a wide array of rich handcrafted sarees for the ladies in indulge in. We’re talking natural dyed block printed cotton sarees, ilkals, Bengal weaves, chanderi silks and the works. Alluring, graceful and elegant is how we’d define the range. Also, we’re eyeing at the eccentric jewellery collection Smriti Dixit is bringing to the mela. Her label screams elan and sophistication, effortlessly.


If your 13th evening calendars are unmarked, book it for the theatre performance by Anuja Ghosalkar on Lady Anandi at 7p.m; come say Hi to us, and let’s catch up for beers post the performance.


Ladies, let’s get flirty and break the rules of wearing Saree, shall we?


Event Details:
Dates/Timings: 13th 7o.m onwards
                        14th-16th October, 11a.m - 8p.m

Follow Event details: The Saree Festival, Bangalore 2016
Hosts: Red Earth

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