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Hear one! Hear all! Arbor Brewing Company's latest special is out, and you are bound to love 'The Pelican'!

Over the years, Arbor Brewing Company have come to be known and loved by Bangaloreans all over the city for their beers. From having a solid line-up of regulars on tap, they are one of the few breweries in the city to constantly keep their black board busy, so as to not keep things stale for their patrons. While different styles are popular differently among Bangaloreans, few can deny that wheat based ales are a universal favourite for all kinds of beer drinkers.

’The Pelican’ is Arbor Brewing Company's latest Wheat based special.

Appearance - Gold coloured and hazy with a thick, moussy, white head that has moderate retention.

Aroma - Not your typical bananas and cloves from a Hefeweizen. There are some grainy wheat aromas here, along with mild and pleasant citrus hop aromas.

Flavour - Some sweetness in the sip up front, followed by refreshing hop flavours. There is lot of citrus fruit presence towards the end, finishing long and almost juicy. Hop bitterness is minimal.

This is a great beer for people that love the sweetness and texture of wheat based ales but also like to flirt a little with hops. Lack of a hop bitterness with the presence of delightful hop flavours will please both the hop heads and the hop curious. Cheers.

Address: 8, 3rd Floor, Allied Grande Plaza, diagonally opposite Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Brigade Road, Bangalore.

Contact: 8050144477

Author & Picture Credit: The Beer Dossier (Follow them for the latest Craft Beer and Alcohol Updates)

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