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What happens when two people who have planned and thought of a cafe for months to come, open up a Cafe? Well, Shrinivas and his significant other's shared love for good food, indeed makes Bangalore a happier place.
How; you ask? Simply in the form of one of the newest cafes in Indiranagar, that rightly defines delicious food - CAFE FIVE ONE FIVE.

There are a lot of things working towards making CAFE FIVE ONE FIVE a success.
Firstly, their decor. What makes the decor of this cafe extremely interesting is that there is no unnecessary 'huss-fuss-glitter' to it. Natural light pours in through an entire facade highlighting the simple mellow hues on the walls, with a bunch of books and games on one side. Exuding a very cozy vibe, you will be instantly reassured and feel comfortable from the time you step in.

Secondly, the cafe makes for a place that is suitable for just about everyone, catering to all occasions. Going solo? There’s a long table with high chairs. A group of eight wanting seats together? There is space for that too.
Thirdly and most importantly, their high standards of service along-with good food with strict quality controls, use of fresh produce and presentation skills.

Talking about their food; If you ask us to define it in one word then it is simply - Tasty!
The BBQ LAMB & CHEESE BURGER is indeed a standout here; wherein CAFE FIVE ONE FINE pays homage to the classic protein and bread combo; hardly fighting fair with the other eateries for, it boasts of a freshly minced Lamb patty, flavoured with their in-house seasoning and served on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickled cucumber, topped with cheese.

More off their Bread Bites, we tried the CHIPOTLE SANDWICH, which offered a wonderful stuffing of sliced tomatoes, pickled cucumber, lettuce, cheese and corn chips with chipotle mayo, served with piping hot Fries; extremely fresh indeed.
And if you want freshness a level beyond then, the 515 SIGNATURE SALAD should be your order. A heavenly combination of crisp lettuce, red cabbage, grated cheese, diced tomatoes, with tortilla chips and a sweet dressing of lemon and coriander.

An offering that stood out with relative ease was the cafe's take on O PESTO PASTA! It has been a while that we have come across a place who has simply nailed the basil pesto sauce.
Their secret, is a touch of coriander to the same. And of course perfectly cooked pasta along-with veggies and cream; easily got us going.

The time you make your way down to CAFE FIVE ONE FINE, ensure that you have it figured as to how you might get out for, take our word for it - It tends to be quite difficult to do so! Cheers.

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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