Cane Goodies at Throwaway Prices at This Store

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Are you looking to create a rustic yet appealing home at throwaway prices?
If yes, you should definitely check out CANE CENTRE on M.K Street for some beautiful yet functional cane baskets, stools, swing sets and knick knacks starting from INR 150 that will spruce your space and give it that vintage yet style-struck vibe.

You won’t be spending much but, you’d be able to create a planned decor if you pick the pieces right. From fruit/vegetable baskets to laundry bins, from ottoman style stools to swing sets and blinds, Cane Centre is your stop to find all sorts of cane accessories. Wonder not, for they’ve got pieces that you’d find and be lured by, at fancy colossal showrooms that are (of course) priced terribly expensive.

Cane Centre is few of the oldest stores in the arena and has remained to be a favourite for goodies at a steal. They’ve also got furniture made of cane on order basis. Along with these knick-knacks indulge in some pouffes, corner tables and more. Our favourites as shown, beanie-shaped pen/cutlery stand, swan shaped tissue holders, swing sets and the classic fruit baskets to prep up the dining space.
Also, if you love cane as much as we do, check out the newspaper holders and lamp shades they have to offer, in our opinion, it’d really help you create a themed decor without splurging unnecessarily.

Let us know how you liked the store, and what all did you get in the comment below. Happy Shopping!

Call: 9880722408 / 080 25592408

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