Chaska Cake, Tea Shots and More to Not Miss at Chaska Bun!

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Chaska Bun in Koramangala has turned into the town’s favourite tea shop within no time. Not only do they serve heavenly array of teas but also their version of wheat buns with different varieties of eggs. And the best part is you can enjoy all these delish at great pocket-friendly prices. 
The positive aura of this place is enough to lift up your mood in a jiffy. The staff is amazingly cheerful and will definitely make your day a better one. Their menu is perfect for breakfast, lunch, evening snack and even for dinner. No matter what time of the day, you can have a bite of their bun with a cup of tea and you are sorted. 
Our favorite among the ‘Egg-Cellent’ bites was Egg Gulliyappa, great combination of eggs and vegetables with a crunchy twist and a great dip to go with; it is an amazing treat. Chaska bun with egg dry roast is an ‘egg-cellent’ choice if you are hurrying for work and want to grab a hearty meal. Chaska bun maska jam and chaksa bun are two choices which can never go wrong and are surely a yes on our side. 
For all the ones who are addicted to tea, Chaska Bun is where you should head to. It’s time we move on from the shots which give us a hangover to TEA-QUILA shots! Yes, you can get chai shots at chaska bun, and they are nothing less than elixir. With the milk tea range, they have honey and lemon TEA-QUILA range. Ginger tea, Honey lemon, lemon endless list of happiness to chose from. They are served in shot glasses with a lemon cut on the side and sugar coated on the rim, it is perfect for all chai-lovers to flaunt on Instagram. 
The one thing which you can absolutely not miss is the Chaska Cake, a flavorsome blend of wheat, carrot, and dates, it is the healthiest and tastiest cake you’ll ever find. They also have some small bites like the ragi biscuits to pair up with your tea. 
A joyful place filled with the goodness of food and laughter, you will keep going back to this place over and over again. 
Contact: 9886415555
Author and Picture Credit: Suhani Jain

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