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All those who love to cook, let’s ask you this - How long can you stay looking at boring, plain steel utensils and accessories in your kitchen? Say you’re cooking and you trying to find spatulas, spoons, won’t it be uber cool if your kitchen accessories were held by men in amusing postures?

Yes you read it right woman (if you’re a man let’s hope you find the humour here)!

Cinnamon, at Gangadhar Chetty road, brings to you an exclusive, designer variety of stainless steel kitchen utensils and quirky accessories in steel and wood.


Be it anyone, we’re all addicted to certain shopping styles, stores. There are stores that you’ll find yourself visiting quite regularly because of their collection, there are stores that become a habit because of the prices and there are stores that tempt you to an extent where you find yourself motivated to do so good in life that you can end up buying all of the things that you now can’t. Tucked away in a beautiful quaint colonial bungalow of Bangalore is this heavenly store called Cinnamon, that will tease your desires and make you want to spend every last penny you own to own all the gorgeousness.

Apart from the fashion and decor that they house, they also showcase distinctive kitchen utensils and accessories that you would have never seen before.


We were in awe when we walked in. We can’t emphasise on how simple yet beautiful the place is. Undone bricks juxtaposed with white walls, wooden tables showcasing unique, designer lifestyle products, multiple other designer stores alongside and the lovely Courtyard Cafe attached to it describes it all.

The store's collection emphasises Indian design with a large selection of unique and quality fashion. It is deliberately and strikingly however, not a store for conventional Indian ethnic products. Catering to aesthetically driven class of people, every single piece at Cinnamon is handpicked. Each piece beautifully shows a reimagined and recontextualised blend traditional and contemporary concept.


Combining the utility of stainless steel into contemporary home and hospitality accents. Each finely crafted product creates a new language between use and form. When we say form we’d like to enlighten you that there are tiny men in comical postures holding spoons, forks, spatulas, tumblers that will quirk your day or hour while cooking, immensely.

Take our word when we say so (for we’re there where you are, annoyed with men for not being a part of the kitchen. In our way, this the little fun we orchestrate every time we cook)!

Tip: look at them carefully you’ll see the men stretching, lifting and goofying around.


Also check out the steel fruits used for decor purposes.

Apart from these usual cutlery, we also loved the sugar, tea and coffee container, the bread loaves holder, the patisserie oven. Don’t you simply wanna grab them and stock similar things everywhere in your kitchen? Making it furnished and stylish (we can swear the men will not be able resist from lurking around the kitchen at all times)


No, we don’t end here. What’s even more interesting and artsy are their wooden shaped large spoons that is actually used as a serving tray.Wooden flower bowls, rice trays with lids and more. Oh all things so tempting and vintage.


Address: 24, Gangadhar Chetty road, Bangalore.
Contact: 080 25367888

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