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There’s no other feeling which can beat having spicy chaats on the streets of Bangalore, being an Indian its one of those things we crave for the most, and finding a chaat place in one of the most lavish areas in city is as good as finding heaven.

Indiranagar is one of the most happening places in Bengaluru. Having the coolest party places to the finest dining restaurants, while it is definitely a crowd puller, it also is quite an expensive place to be in. They are these times when we are in search for street food and are restricted cause of the lack of options around us.

Well you’re not the only one who has experienced this problem, so we decided to search Indiranagar in and out trying out a dozen pocket friendly places in search of that one place which will blow your minds away with their food. To our ‘delight’ we found Delite Chaat House, Indiranagar 2nd stage, serving authentic Gujarati Chaats. Now let us start with this, this wasn’t just any other chaat place. Very hygienic pocket friendly place with a massive menu of some very innovative food and never before seen fusions, they have close to around 50 varieties of sandwiches, half a dozen types of dabelli and vada pav (including the famous Bombay vada pav),pav bhajji’s, MASALA CONES(Chaat made in cones), Pani puris and a one of the best collection of chaats we have ever come across.  What we loved more about this place was the staff, extremely friendly, always had a smile on and ready to tell you about their chaats and what’s so incredible about it.

We tried a few and will be sharing you our experiences for the same. We started with DELITE SPECIAL DABELI: This dish looked so mouth watering, and lived up to its appearance the second me had a bite of this. This chaat was topped with cashews, raisins, pomegranate, sev and onions. The addition of fry fruits and the overall taste of the special dabeli won our hearts.

CHEESE MASALA CONE: Yes, a chaat made in a cone. Cheese slices and masala stuffing poured into what appears like a cone made from baking soda. The cone itself is very tasty and adds a good touch of crunchiness to the chaat. This a must try chaat here.

KHANDVI: After having a bite of this it is fair to state that we had way to many foodgasms from once place. This was one of the most increbible Khandvi we have ever had. Though Khandvi is not easily available or if available usually isn’t made that well. Khandvi which is a dish made from Besan, curds and mustard seeds is an authentic Gujarati snack. It is quite a difficult dish to make which is why is not commonly found.  Rolled up, topped with coriander leaves and pomogrenate and accompanied by 3 different kinds of sauces, this chaat is something we’d travel from anywhere to have another plate of it.

TANDOORI PANEER CHEESE SANDWICH: We asked for brown bread instead of the usual white bread, and this isn’t for a healthy reason but because brown bread adds a lot more flavour to this. We did not expect much from the sandwich as it was a chaat place, but the Tandoori Paneer cheese sandwich did blow our mind away. Even after eating all day and being stuffed, we somehow finished this sandwich in seconds after it was served to us. Juicy, cheese and divine in every single bite.

DAHI KHAMAN: Now usually I don’t really order Khaman/dhokla but they did tell us about how good this dish would be and since it was a Dhokla chaat we decided to give this a try. Well by now you should know that this chaat was nothing short of yet another delicious chaat. We loved the idea of making a Dhokla chaat with dahi, and you must try this too, we bet you will love this.

If you ask us to find something we didn’t like here we will have to go back here and try really hard to find that one dish. Everything we tried here was absolutely divine, and being a proper shop the food served here was quite hygienic. We simply loved the chaats here, everything was at a very pocket friendly rate and most of the items are well below 50rs. Do tell us about your experience here, we sure you would love it.

Address: 314, 6th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone no: 080 45128589
Opening hours: 11am to 10:30pm

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