Delicious Burgers, Wings, Wraps & more at LEON GRILL

Cuisines: Fast Food, Finger Food

Filters: Non Veg, Home Delivery, Dine-in

Attributes: Cafes, Pocket-Friendly

The season calls for some worthy indulgence. And rightly defining indulgence LEON GRILL opens in the city serving a delicious array of burgers, wings, wraps, and loads more; all near Reliance Digital, in HSR Sector 3.

With a backdrop of sizzling chicken breasts or grilled fish; as a long line of patrons throng to get their mouths to their scrumptious servings; LEON GRILL indeed exudes a very exciting vibe!
While their significant can leave you a bit confused, we recommend that you start with their PERI PERI CHICKEN SALAD for a burst of freshness; or even their CHICKEN DONER WRAP, which is quite easy to gobble down when hot!

If you are looking for a more spicy meal then, ask for their wings; be it the PERI PERI WINGS or even the HOT & SPICY WINGS, served with a soothing dip, they indeed tend to get your appetite going. But, just a heads up, they aren't meant for the spice virgins!
For a comparatively heavy meal, the PERI PERI FISH PLATTER does the trick, rightly boasting of serving you with a portion of grilled fish, on a bed of rice along-with a fresh salad.

Talking about their Burger Combos, wherein you get to dig in a burger of your choice, along-with a portion of fries, chicken wings and glass of Coke. We recommend you try out the JUMBO ROYALE BURGER or even the PERI PERI BURGER!
Apart from that, they eatery also offers hoards of other options for Special Burgers with Lamb as well, at extremely reasonable rates.

Decked up as an extremely comfortable eatery; we highly suggest that if by any chance you are driving by HSR, make sure that you stop by LEON GRILL for, you will definitely be happy that you did. Cheers.

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