Delicious food done right under Rs 100, at FILLERS

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Jumping back to the local foodie radar, FILLERS sets our taste buds in a state of tremulous excitement as a new eatery and is surely attention grabbing for, not only is their food delicious but, extremely pocket-friendly as well.

It may seem as a simple fast food format with neat tables and chairs put together, with a clean familiar looking station at one end but, the moment you dig into any of their delicacies, you will realise that they are a world apart!

With a menu that spans over comfort food; be it your all-time-favourite Chole Bhature, Aloo Paratha or even Peri Peri Maggi, FILLERS has it all for you under Rs 100! (Pssstt... They also have a Cheese Paratha up for grabs)
Taste wise? Not only are the flavours spot on but, it is also so light on the palette; ensuring that you don't feel bloated by the end of your meal.

There is also ALOO SABJI with METHI MISSI PURI on the menu that surely rewinds to clock for me to a routine Sunday afternoon meal. Delicious chunks of potatoes in a spicy, tomato gravy with a piping hot Methi Missi Puris to go along. All you need is a chilled glass of Butter Milk to help you to a good afternoon snooze.
If that doesn't seem to get your attention then, we are sure that the SPINACH PANEER RICE with it's rich goodness or MASALA RICE with it's spot-on spice is bound to get you going.

To curb your pangs for something sweet, not only FILLERS whips out delicious concoctions in the form of Cold Coffees, Oreo as well as Ferrero Rocher Shakes but, can also make quite a stellar CHOCO NUTELLA GRILL SANDWICH; making for an apt end to a hearty meal.
With their ample portions, moderate prices and mouth-watering, hygienic food, FILLERS makes for a must-go place for a Bangalorean anytime. Cheers.

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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