Did we possibly just try the best chaat in Koramanagala?

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Did we just possibly try the best chaat in Koramanagala? Well, looks like we did and the place goes by the name of Delite Chaat House!

Now we would say to tag your chaat lover friends but that would just imply to tag all your friends!

When it comes to indulging in chaats, your first thought is probably street food! While most of us neglect the hygiene factor to that and still take the risk, cause its simply worth it! Why not eradicate all those issues with one simple solution!

A chaat house which serves incredible chaats at affordable prices and very hygienic at the same time! It’s the kind of places you can bring your friends and families to every single day and be mind blown by the options here, meanwhile not worrying about quality cause they serve you with the freshest of ingredients!

This also happens to be the most authentic place for Gujarti chaats we have ever come across! Interacting with the friendly staff and owners made us realize so many interesting facts about chaats. Here’s one right below!

 “Did you know: Dhokla’s are originally white in colour and the yellow ones you are normally used to are actually called Khaman?”


Moving on to the food here, we started with DABELI: This personally has become my favourite dish here! It’s got a mild spice to it but at the same time sweet enough!

FAFDA JALEBI: We don’t know about how it tastes in Gujarat, but this surely hit the right spots for our taste buds to relish every bite of this! The combination of FAFDA and JALEBI’s is a match made in heaven!

KHANDVI: Now, you have probably never heard of this dish. It’s a dish made from Besan, rolled up and served with simple toppings. The magic happens when it melts in your mouth instantly leaving behind a rich flavour! It’s an absolute must try experience!

WHITE DHOKLA: Our “Did You Know” section above helped you understand what authentic Dhokla is, and here we are trying it out and loving it!

VADA PAV: We’ll cut this short, they have managed to match up to get the Bombay taste to it. Enough said. Try this or any of the above mentioned dishes with their one of a kind Date Sauce and you’re in for a real treat!

ALOO TIKKI CHAAT: This isn’t your usual Aloo Tikki Chaat! It’s a rather evolved mix of it and tastes phenomenal!

TAWA PULAO: Yes yes, we know this is an offbeat item but we couldn’t help but give it a try after hearing a lot about it. The End result? We were impressed, and would definitely order it again!

To wash down all these flavours exploding in your palate try their BASUNDI DRY FRUIT, a signature drink here! They also have a range of flavoured lassi’s from rose to mango ones! Talk about a one stop heave
n for chaats, and Delite Chaat House has managed to pull that off flawlessly!

Well, we have just discovered a percentage of their otherwise vast menu.Delite chaat house is an ocean full of mouth watering chaats and sandwiches and we can’t wait to try them all. Skip your lunches and dinner and make your way here today! Overeating never felt so good before!

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Delite Chaat House also available in Indiranagar! Address here: 621/B, Ground Floor, 12th Main, Next to Cafe Cofee Day, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Koramangala Address: 100, Koundinya Ground Floor, 18th Main, Koramangala 6th Block, Bangalore
Contact: 9342445566

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