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Fine dine in Bangalore? Well, though it may seem far fetched; WHITE PLATE, the newest entry in the city on MG Road, doesn't just serve you fine dine but, expect MasterChef quality food that you have never experienced before.
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Restaurants have entered a new era in this part of the world. It is more about attitude and experiences, along-with what comes to the table!
WHITE PLATE is such a restaurant that is surely a welcome addition to Bangalore. Serving dishes that make it a 'destination restaurant'.

Upon entering the restaurant, the attention to detail is apparent in just about each and every aspect, be it their service model, wondrous cocktails or their scrumptious delicacies - which have been thoroughly agonized over and of course, the well refined result is laid out for you to witness and is a joy to behold!

Having wowed me with their exquisite fine dine ambiance and I was definitely eager to get out mouths to the servings that they had to offer.  One glance at the menu, and you can draw a very obvious conclusion that the restaurant believes in inventiveness.
Take their CHILLI CRUNCH CHICKEN SQUARES for instance. Their infusion of flavours - bird eye chilli, chicken, farina come together extremely well when crusted and crisped to perfection. I also got to try a glorious plate of crispy golden batter fried stuffed mushrooms, tossed in a peanut butter, cilantro and chilli glaze; that make for a portion of CELEBRITY SHROOMS.
While the taste is of course phenomenal, the plating is what catches my eye at the first go itself for, there is no other word for the same but - Beautiful.

Giving a different take to a portion of 'Ratatouille', they have a RATATOUILLE TIFFIN on the menu, which offers a mix of charred peppers, courgettes, plum tomatoes, asparagus spears and pea brinjals in a 'toasted bread tiffin'. Try to believe it with kasundi caviar.
The TOASTED NUTS PANKO CRUSTED ANDAMAN REEF COD, was quite literally by far one of the most interesting plate of food, I have ever had in Bangalore. The panko crusted Andaman Reef Cod is served with roasted sweet potato and beets macedoines, red onion marmalade, green pea puree, sage foam and an asparagus bruschetta; that awake your dormant taste buds with relative ease.

Matching the food to a 'T' were their cocktails. Pick their CARIBBEAN SIN, a contemporary twist to the all famed Mojito topped with pineapple foam; or WHITE PLATE's NEW MINT PICKLE BACK TINI, an eccentric take of a martini with suspended minted caviar, laden with fresh raspberries.
The mixologists surely know how to work their magic and make us 'happy'.

No matter how full I might be by the time I reached for the menu for the dessert, uske bina kaise chale?
One look at dessert menu and one is indeed spoilt for choice; top it off with quality of food served, it was simply too difficult but, on recommendation we narrowed it down to a portion of CASSIS BLUEBERRY.
Articulate and full of finesse, out comes a encased Peruvian chocolate truffle, on a bed of Parmesan chilli sand, with pistachio kernels, macaroon shells, black berry and raspberry caviar on the side. Need I say more?

To put it forth in the must simple way, the people behind the restaurant believe in rendering experiences to their customers and I am sure you are going to love it. Without a doubt, it in the one of most prized locations of Bangalore. An ambient setup with delicious food is sure to get a restaurant going.
Sitting down for a meal at WHITE PL ATE indeed excudes sophistication, wherein the dishes offer a little adventure with each mouthful; constantly thriving to be an evolving temple of deliciousness.

I have to confess that I have never experienced the same before and left the restaurant with my belly full but, still wanting more.

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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