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When it comes to fresh food, healthy salads and juices, all of us hesitate to indulge in some because of the misconception that it’d taste bland and dull. I wouldn’t deny to not being the same until I found myself at FRESH PRESSERY’S newest outlet in Koramangala.

A cosy place, designed keeping in mind simplicity, imbibing freshness, the cafe is on a soft-launch for a month or two before they introduce a lot more exciting, delicious yet healthy items on the menu.

What’s unique and substantial here?
Their freshly pressed, no-heat, fruit and vegetable juices that help in cleansing and rebooting the body, detoxification, ensuring high levels of vitamins and energies are retained, without compromising on the taste factor. You wouldn’t believe if I told you it felt like gulping real fruits while having these juices. So fresh, natural and delicious, I think I could live on them all day/ Although, undoubtedly, our favourites would be Yellow Hydration, Black Magic (for the use of activated charcoal to cleanse toxic out of the body) and After Party.

They’re open about the fact that the vegetable-based juices will taste like vegetables but are extremely healthy and purifying. We actually enjoyed the Red Purifier from the choices available.
You can order the whole pack at www.freshpressery.com both 250ml and 400ml and keep a day of the week to detox and reboot yourself.

Coming to food their GRILLED FIG and ARUGULA SALAD with blue cheese, caramelised onions and rocket leave is love for vegetarians. Blending the sweet, sour tastes along with tandoor, their special TANDOORI CHICKEN SALAD had us sold. Mouth-watering dressing, tender tandoori chicken along with lettuce and assorted veggies, if all salad tasted like this, then we wouldn't have trouble staying fit.

The sandwiches are unique, again healthy and surprisingly delicious even. Using avocados, zucchini, tomatoes, bell pepper, caesar salad and the kind they’ve created gourmet sandwiches that are filling and sumptuous. Our favourites - CAESAR’S SALAD SANDWICH, AVOCADO and GRILLED CHICKEN, and ZUCCHINI with BELL PEPPERS and CREAM CHEESE. Served in 3 pieces with house salad, sufficient for a full meal.

Add some CHOCOLATE BROWNIE after all that just to satisfy your craving demons and you’ve got a nice brunch/lunch at the cafe, you can skip gymming and you’re Mother will be really proud and happy.
Legit reasons to find yourself at FRESH PRESSERY.

Address: 98/A, 17th B main, Opp China Pearl, Koramangala 5th Block.

Contact: 9886079125

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/Fresh-Pressery-Cafe-1662520127363944

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