Eccentric kundan and temple Jewellery at MAUVE UNITx

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Jewelry is made for romance, great style and a distinguished purpose. At THE MAUVE UNITx, 100ft Road, Indiranagar, exclusive designer jewelry has been redefined to allure and sweep women off their feet.


What woman does not like jewelry?
We understand preference of minimalistic or dramatic, but not favouring it completely, is not an answer we settle for. You can try and argue with cliche phrases like but your efforts will be unapologetically considered futile.

We love jewelry. Period.
Although an argument may arise as to what ‘type’ of jewelry does a person like. Each piece differs in terms of clarity, cut, quality, design inspiration, aesthetic appeal, using assorted gems, beads, stones et cetera. And not to forget its suitability for the occasion.


Designed by Neha S Aroraa, The Mauve Unitx brings exclusive, eccentric kundan and temple jewelry for all occasions. Think statement neck pieces, chokers, fancy finger rings, kadas, jhumkis and everything traditional with a touch of modern design/


Firstly, walking into the boutique itself feels rich and elegant, with it’s mauve themed decor, vintage almirahs used to display finest of kundan, temple, Victorian and Urban-chic jewelry. The staff and service is impeccable, they took us through the entire range of accessories that allured us to our very last nerve.


Secondly, aside from the obvious beauty contemporary jewelry portrayed, the ethnic collection at the store was simply breathtaking. Insanely beautiful kundan chokers, classic chaandbali and jhumkis, statement neck pieces, kadas and so much more.

All the times you looked at someone wearing rich looking jewelry and wondering ‘where did she get THAT from’ or ‘If I ever lay my eyes on something like that I’ll drill my bank account’, because you know it’s worth it! Well let The Mauve Unitx cater to all of your desires, and feel fashionable effortlessly.

The temple jewelry had a refreshing urban touch to it, which made us love it even more. We urge you to go spoil yourselves with the array of choices they have for you. Apart from these are also some classic, timeless layer neck pieces, wristlets, drop earrings and more.


We’ve picked out what we love the most (see pictures below). The collection was so vast and elusive, we lost track of time, and were sure to end up buying out half the store, had it not been for that one moment of reflection of ‘do I need this’.


Address: #375, 9th Main, 100ft road, Indiranagar.

Contact: 080 41750394

Timings: 10:30a.m - 8p.m


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