Enjoy artisanal, European cheese right in Bangalore

No vision about Europe is complete without sparing a thought to the exquisite food available there. And an integral part of European cuisine, is the wide array of delicious, signature cheese. Paired with a glass of wine, served by themselves on cheese platters or used to craft complicated dishes with multi-textural flavours- it’s impossible to imagine European food without this versatile ingredient.
While it isn’t feasible to make a trip to Europe every time you’re craving some of their specialty cheeses, it's now possible to find some right at your doorstep in Bangalore, with Curemonte Cheese. Get just what you are craving for- right from French Camem-bert to Italian Parmesan and everything in between!
Cheese-making is a process that requires great expertise and investment. Right from en-suring the perfect raw material to the process of crafting it by hand, the methodology does much to lend the cheese its unique depth of flavour. At Curemonte, all cheeses are authentic, artisanal, farmstead and gourmet, ensuring that you get exactly the flavours you would enjoy in Europe.
Skilled cheesemakers who are particularly adept at their craft produce the cheese by hand, using traditional craftsmanship to bring about the intricate taste and variety. Specially aged and ripened after being made in small batches by hand, Curemonte cheese consists of remarkable aesthetics. As the best cheese depends wholly on the quality of raw milk, Curemonte also produces their own milk from their diary herd. The dairy herd is fed the freshest feed so right from the source, your cheese is crafted of the highest quality imaginable.
And not just that! Curemonte uses 100% vegetable rennets, and their cheese is 100% vegetarian. With their dedication to the slow food movement, their mission to sustain the ecosystem and their passion towards treating their dairy herd right, and crafting delicious cheeses- indulging in Curemonte has more benefit than just one!
So go ahead and indulge in their signature cheeses, to the blues, the Bries and creamy cheeses, Cheddars, fondue, fresh & Chèvres, Goudas, Parmigianos, Pecorinos and much more! Re-kindle your love affair with cheese- the best kind indeed!
Address: Above Popular Bajaj, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore, India
Call: 095351 54455
​Written by: Apeksha Shetty​
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