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Hey, Wanna $ M 0 K 3 ?
Presenting, Exciting Combos Starting at just Rs 599/- !!

Offering you the Best Huu K@h at the Best Price
Keep It Straight, Koramangala | 085539 56723 | Check them out on: https://bit.ly/2OWHETe

We all know why Keep it Straight Cafe is so famous. Their quirky ambience, amazing food & service all of course their awesome Huu K@h. 
Keep It Straight at Koramangala has 4 exciting new combos at the most affordable prices:

1. COMBOS at 599 - Normal Base Huu K@h, Any Starter (Veg/Non-Veg), Any 1 Mocktail
2. COMBOS 1+1 at 599 – Any 2 Normal Base Huu K@h
3. COMBOS at 699 - Normal Base Huu K@h, Any 2 Starter (Veg/Non-Veg), Any 1 Mocktail
4. COMBOS at 899 - Normal Base Huu K@h, Any 2 Starter (Veg/Non-Veg), Any 2 drinks (Mocktail/MilkShake/ColdCoffee)

There ambience is definitely insta-worthy, imagine the entire aura of the place changing. Yes, they do have that . With the unique lighting system, their colours keep changing & will surely put you in an amazing mood.

Make your weekend perfect with Keep it Straight Cafe, Koramangala!

Address: 900, 80 Feet Rd, Venkappa Garden, Ejipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
Contact: 085539 56723
Zomato Link : https://bit.ly/2OWHETe

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