Exclusive Designer Pop-Up This Wednesday at The Verandah

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Come say hi to us at The Verandah on 10th May, 3:30 and let’s explore the world of innovative fashion.


Whenever there’s a pop-up showcasing artsy designers, thoughtful, creative lifestyle designers, I plan on never missing it, and you shouldn’t either. If not for actually indulging, it’s the best way to stay updated with the current trends, DOs and DON’Ts of the season.
Wannitaa Ashok’s HIGH TEA at The Verandah is one such event. Showcasing exclusive designers and upcoming trends in jewellery and fashion, we’d also have talks by experts on trend alerts.

Here’s what we are excited about:

Jew by Krithaa - for unconventional, bold and stunning rings, earrings that can make even the most simplest or boring outfit look extremely stylish. We’re loving the drop earrings and finger rings made of rusted coins and are looking forward to a super zany range of statement pieces here. Simple, suave silhouettes by MOBORR in subtle greys, blues and whites. These dresses would be the perfect choice for Bangalore’s summers.

Chola the label would be popping up with an overdose of ruffles, capes, distressed hemlines and exquisite clothing. Look for labels Aaylixir and Tilla as well, while you’re browsing for some luxury pieces. Boys, you shouldn’t be missing out on the event either for Antar-Agni will be displaying their latest outfits off the runway. Expect to find dhotis, coats, trending long shirts ,the works and don’t forget to quickly grab AKIVA’S functional yet style struck leather accessories.

So, if you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista then this is a MUST-DO event on your list. Stay updated with current styles, don’t miss out on splurging every now and then, and of course amidst all this to have fun. See you there!

Venue: The Verandah, Haudin Road, Ulsoor.
Date/Timing: 10th May, 3:30 p.m onwards.

Call: 080 25590988

  • Written by Shreeya Bohra

Tags: Exclusive Designer Pop-Up This Wednesday at The Verandah, Pop-Up, Fashion Affair

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