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Get away from the saddening traffic, over crowded places and chill with perfectly made sheeshas in much fancy pots at COPPER MINT; along with delicious local-fusion food served in crafty earthern pots at THE TEAL DOOR CAFE, in Indiranagar.

From the time you step in, you can count yourself in for some revamped culinary glee, novel decor, and fine music that is bound to lift your spirits. Decor made from scratch, thoughtful menu and "Detox Sheesha" aptly defines the cafe. You're in for a chill evening with friends and (or) family, secluded from the din of the city.

Right from your finger food to a proper course, THE TEAL DOOR CAFE nails the same; with their expansive menu offering local, fusion delicacies.
Go by our experience, and start with their take on a NIM AJII BAJII, when you make your way down. Even if you prefer veg or non veg, they cater to both your paletttes, with the former being a platter of Mirchi Bajji, bell peppers, raw bananas, with flavoured chutneys; and the latter being a platter of crispy fried prawns.

No matter how delicious the golden brown delicacies were, what rightly took the appetizer game on a high was their GULTI WINGS! The offering rightly boasts of spicy, Andhra style chicken wings, marinated in yogurt and cooked with whole, and hot spices; tending to be one of the most popular dishes for chicken lovers.

Talking about something interesting, try the ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP served in a mud/clay pot for a refreshing, divine change of taste. Swirled with red beet and some added flavours of thyme, this soup hit our Must-Have(s).
For all you Dosa-lovers out there, do not miss out on the MINI DOSA PLATTER served with delicious onion and green chutney. One simply can't go wrong with dosas, and one simplt can't get on without them.

Craving schezwan spicy? How about you get the flavours in Maggi? YESSS, you read it right! OYSTER PANDA is one of their trending Maggis we loved, made with chilli wine sauce, absolutely delicious.
If your love for biryani is insatiable, then have a go at their NAMMA AMMAN BIRYANI! Chicken Biryani! Salan! Raita! Salad! Pickle! One could never go wrong!

While a more than fitting option is their PAV THAI; that righly boasts of a delicious portion of minced chicken in Thai basil curry, served with a local pav bun. Take our word for it when we tell you that you don't need anything else to lick the bowl clean!

The sheesha at COPPER MINT speaks perfection and flavourful. While we all have our favourite combinations, the DETOX sheesha here is extremely unique, unheard of, and breathtakingly refreshing. Want to know what exactly goes into it? Go experience it for yourself, because we aren't disclosing the best kept secrets.

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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