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Liberate yourself from the imprisonment of your daily hectic lives for we have found you a place to do exactly that. We know you’re thirsty for some spare time and to just relax taking a day or an evening off from the otherwise very hectic life. Maybe we can help with that, get you re’high’drated at the newly opened pub Liber, Indiranagar.

With rustic ambiance and spread across 3 floors, extremely spacious, indeed giving you the feel of being free. We recommend finding place in either the 2nd floor or Rooftop. The first is great too, but can get very noisy with the sony signal traffic.  The décor is very well done and elegant. The place seems perfect for formal occasions and casual ones. The menu compromises of a very good collection of food and drinks. From cocktail idlis to delicious tandoor items, and Classic cocktails to Liber specials like the 12th main ice tea, we tried a few of this on their menu and here’s what we liked most:

WATER CHESTNUTS with PLUM CHILLIES & SCALIIONS: Now being a fan of water chestnuts with plum chillies, we do give this dish thumbs up. It was made perfectly and tasted amazing. Pair this with a drink, and you’re good to go.

MALAI CHICKEN TIKKA: Take a look at the pictures, this dish tasted as amazing as it looked. With the chicken melting in your mouth with each bite leaving behind the taste of rich malai.

PESTO PIZZA: We claim this to be the thinnest thin crust wood fire pizza around. The base of the pizza is different from the usual dough, which is what makes this possible. The toppings were incredible and we loved every bite of this.

PULLED PORK BURGER: This huge fancy burger was served to us with a colourful red bun, stuffed with barbecued pork, a fried egg and the usual lettuce dressing. This burger is accompanied by coleslaw salad and fries.

12th MAIN ICE TEA: SEVEN SPIRITS, not five seven spirits, enough said. Oh on second thoughts, one of those spirits is Jack Daniels. We can easily call this the drink of the gods and the best way to liberate you.

MR MAPLE OLD FASHION: Cherry infused whiskey, maple syrup and bitters. A classic old fashion with a twist of cherry, a very refrershing drink and good for those relaxing evenings.

LIBER JUNCTION 12TH MAIN 100ft ROAD MESS: If you’ve ever visited the 12th main signal (Sony signal) Indiranagar you’ll know very well about the havoc and mess there. Inspired from that concept, the Chef makes his very own dessert with appears to be the paradoxical version of everything which goes down on that road. There is absolutely no description needed for this heavenly dessert. Just have a look at the picture and we bet you’d visit Liber in no time just to try this.

We have given you enough of reasons with each food and drink we have talked about to get you away from your hectic, constrained lives and move on to the newest pub in Indiranagar. If you ever find yourself stuck in 12th main again, leave your mode of transport and head to Liber. This is exactly the kind of place one needs throughout the week, do let us know about your experience here.

Address: 768, Sri Krishna Mansion, 100ft Road, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Phone no: 8980004839
Pricing:  500 per person


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