Get Exquisite Rajasthani Artifacts from this Unique Shop!

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We all know Rajasthani artistry is unmatched. Who doesn’t like artifacts which flaunt Rajasthan’s vibrant culture? These little goodies instantly add life to their surroundings, don’t they? 

Now if you must be surmising that there aren’t many authentic Rajasthani products here in Bangalore, you my friend, are plain oblivious of this cozy yet unique, little shop called “Kohinoor Arts and Crafts”.

Located in the heart of namma Commercial Street, this store lays peacefully amidst the hustle bustle of this area. This store portrays Rajasthan in all its’ glory. The shop is over brimmed with products. So much so that it has items stacked upon each other. It is a complete cultural delight to watch so many items decked up, adding up to their own beauty. 

There are tiny animals made out of gorgeous mirror works, graceful kettles that could bring a lot more vibrancy to your kitchen, elegantly carved mirrors, appealing paintings and of course, jewellery! Everything here is with a pinch of the land of colours. 
A perfect go for home décor enthusiasts, gift hunters, photography lovers or for those who believe in preserving folk art of Rajasthan. So now you know where to head when you’re looking for real artifacts that have their roots in the deserts of Rajasthan. 

Author and Picture Credit:  Aiman Fathima

Tags: kohinoor art and craft

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