Get set, as a Harry Potter themed cafe opens in JP Nagar

Cuisines: Finger Food, Beverages

Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

Attributes: Cafes, Pocket-Friendly

'Kids' from the 80s, 90s....  On second thoughts, whosoever has a kid in them and loved Harry Potter, it is time to put on your robe, grab your wand and straightaway head to TWO FRIENDS CAULDRON - Benglauru's First Harry Potter themed Cafe in JP Nagar.

Staying up late in the night reading Harry Potter under the blankets.
Taking them to school and reading them under the desk, as your History professor rambles on.
Getting them confiscated by parents, because that is how addictive Harry Potter was.
One can't deny the fact that, we have all been in the same or a similar situation, wherein our love for Harry Potter has surpassed everything that we held dear to. In hopes of reviving the same feelings, making our way down to TWO FRIENDS CAULDRON was no less than 'mandatory'.

From the moment you take the first step, you are greeted with plenty of Harry Potter references, which are actually spread all over the place. Right from a set of elixirs and portions neatly places on the racks, broomsticks 'flying' around, frame work (that sadly is stationary), to even a wall that gets you through to Platform 9:3/4!
A gala experience for shutterbugs!

While the theme runs through the place and to a point onto the style of the menu as well; the offerings don't really have much to do with the same but, the name. Luckily, we weren't complaining at all after we took a swig of their BUTTER BEER; their version of a fizzy Caramel Shake that isn't simply interesting to ogle at but, tastes just as well.

There is also LUPIN'S CHOCOLATE; which essentially is a glorious chocolate milk shake with brownie and oreos, topped with caramel sauce.
Pair up with their CURSED WINGS, drenched in barbecue sauce, served along-with a lovely ranch sauce or with their BOMBARDO, a platter of herbed potatoes served with a dip; making for an apt meal. 

For a more substantial plate of food, you could surely call for a TRIPPLE CHICKEN PIZZA. Topped with barbecue chicken, spicy chicken and lemon chicken, scraping even the last bits off was not an effort.
In fact, what really catches one's eye on the menu is the way they present portion size: Elf or Hagrid sized. And after gorging on so much already, it was quite safe for us to ask for an ELF portioned PINK PASTA; offering a scrumptious bowlful of perfectly cooked pasta in a generous helping of pink sauce.

With a fantastic experience like this awaiting you; why are your broomsticks still shackled?

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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