Give 'Life' to your Ganesha this Chaturthi with MUDBORN

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Go Green this Ganesh Chaturthi and get your hands on a 'SEED' Ganesha by MUDBORN by going onto: or call: 9071273745 | 8553940232
The eco-friendly idols will be delivered right at your doorstep between 18th to 23rd August.

With Ganesh Chaturthi a fortnight away, it's indeed the time to bring the Lord home, worship and celebrate the immersion on an auspicious day.

But, unlike the years before, how about we give 'Life' to your Ganesha this time out and simply go back to our roots (quite literally).

As the world goes green, it's high time we make this festival more eco-friendly as well by not opting for a Ganesha idol that is made of plaster of Paris (POP), rather invite home a 'Seed' Ganesha by MUDBORN!
Made of red soil, clay, organic fertilisers, natural colours and seeds, the 'Seed' Ganeshas when immersed in water or let to nature, just get dissolved without releasing any toxic materials.

The difference?
Well, while the former is not biodegradable and also the paints used on commonly available clay Ganeshas are toxic and harmful, harming the environment on Visarjan day; the latter not only dissolves into clay but, after Visarjan the said clay is to be mixed with some soil and natural manure, which is provided.
The seeds that are planted within, nourish because of the clay, red soil and natural fertilizer from your Ganesha, giving you happy plants to cherish for the season.

While, one is bound to bring home a Ganesha but, being a little more responsible surely won't harm anyone, will it?

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