Gold in Glass? Infused jewelry at The Orange Bicycle.

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Glitter in Glass? Yes, please!

Jewelry made of infused gold / silver in translucent glass at THE ORANGE BICYCLE, 5th Main road, Indiranagar.

What girl doesn’t like jewelry? We understand if you say you prefer minimalistic or dramatic in a broader understanding, but not favouring it at all isn’t an answer. You can try and argue with cliche phrases like - ‘I don’t care about such things’, ‘I’m not a girly girl’, ‘I have a different sense of fashion’ but your efforts will be unapologetically considered futile.

We love jewelry. Period.

Although the argument must circulate around a person’s preference on the ‘kind’ of jewelry. Each piece differs in terms of clarity, cut, quality, design, aesthetic appeal, using different techniques, different gems, beads, stones et cetera. And not to forget its suitability for the occasion. You simply cannot wear diamonds to a Beach or to a corporate event even if it’s your Best Friend like they all say. Likewise you can’t wear chunky skull charms, leather wristbands, beaded anklets to a wedding. Jewelry is made for romance, great style and each piece has it’s own purpose. It’s the only division in fashion where design has not yet reached saturation.

The Orange Bicycle is a space owned by four friends – Gunjan Khaitan,Leena Raizada, and two other partners. A space where we bring together a story – a story of the beautiful, the desirable, the fun, the boho, and the chic, the sophisticated and at the same time quirky under one roof.

Today we’re talking about glass jewelry. Glass, that is infused with leaves plated in gold and (or) silver and is refined into various shapes and sizes of pendants, rings, earrings and more. The Orange Bicycle showcases a range of such neckpieces, earrings, finger rings that are undeniably beautiful and screams elegance. Though not something unheard of, the concept is relatively new in the market. It replicates structured jewelry in a much simpler way, for a much more affordable buy.

We adore the divergent disc-shaped neck piece that is featured. The abstract placement assures attention to current trend and is gorgeous to look at. Similar ones have been picked out to let you know what you can expect to find. Look out for the geometric inspired triangle pendant sided with rectangular glass pieces. You’ll also find some of them impregnated by silver plated leaves. Like the the symmetrical squared neckpiece.

Find all of this and many such unique fashion and lifestyle products at The Orange Bicycle. Stay tuned to know more about the store and our favorite picks from the enormous range of products.

Address: 110 Boston street, Apt #3, 12th Main, Indiranagar.
Contact: 080 41255242
Timings: 11a.m - 8p.m
Find them on Facebook:

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