Goodness of Himalayas in Skin and Haircare Products

The magnificence of nature is understated.


Not only does our beautiful Earth spread ecstatic vibes but, the mountains and valleys, seashores and rainforests are all caches for natural, hidden secrets of beauty and wellness.
Sourcing various such pure, natural, local products from the Himalayan regions, Pahadi Local brings to us the #goodnessofthehills in the form of various beauty & health oils, salts, honey and the sorts.


Fancied by their name ‘Pahadi Local’ we were immensely interested to know more about their goodies, and when we heard they’ve retailed at Good Earth’s Wellness section on Lavelle road, we couldn’t help but catch up with Jessica over her gourmet Himalayan flavoured teas (I personally loved Lavender). Directly from the orchards, Pahadi Local’s bestseller “GUTTI KA TEL” (Apricot Kernel Oil) is the reason why we fell in love with the brand itself. It’s known to positively revive youthful skin and cure body aches of various sorts, Apricot Kernel Oil has quite some benefits lesser known to us city-clad humans.


More from their beauty and wellness section that we recommend you must indulge in are the PULL (detox salt), MARKALAK (Himalayan face mud), AKHROT KA TEL (Walnut Oil), and a few scrubs. The products that we’ve tried have worked like magic on our skin (believe me, it feels and looks much lovelier than usual).


Along with these Pahadi Local also offers specially extracted honeys from Shesham forests, Borage plantations, the wild flowers from the foot of the hills. The limited-edition CHICHIRI Honey and the all-time-favourite SHESHAM RI MAO Honey are what we recommend the most.


Bangaloreans, we’re lucky to have Pahadi Local’s first outdoor retail available to us, they’ve newly introduced flavoursome gourmet Teas that would definitely require for y’all to taste before you splurge. In 3 vividly delightful flavours - Lavender, Sea Buckthorn - BayLeaf and Rose Tip-Cinnamon all blended with Kangra Tea, providing us with a soothing experience of aromas, flavours and guilt free indulgence.

The Honey and Teas have various multi-health benefits and are rich in antioxidants helping us cure the little of our problems.


Before Pahadi Local we wouldn’t have dreamt of the Indian hills blossoming such divine skincare and organic, resourceful harvest. Have you decided what all to invest in, or what?



Open: 11a.m - 8p.m

Price Range: INR 700 onwards.


  • Written by Shreeya Bohra

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