Grab a Bowtie already? with Forth Goods

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see/hear ‘leather’?
We’d say sophisticated, classic and effortlessly stylish.

Makers of fine leather BowTies and wallets, is our new favourite shopping destination.

Ideated by Varun Panesar, Forth Goods caters to genuine, vegetable-tan leather accessories in basic colours. Forth has got us drooling over their BowTies and ideally so, because it’s stylish, quirky and makes for a versatile wardrobe staple for every style-conscious man.
Check out their Basic, Twin Wide and Twin Narrow in black, dark tan and light tan; we’re loving how they can be styled in various ways to create distinct looks.

What you could be pairing these are with buttoned-up navy/white shirts, V-neck pullovers, suits and tuxedos, shorts and kitsch printed shirt, as said it makes for a versatile piece to invest in.

Although BowTies are conventionally for men, seeing how androgynous fashion has seeped in, the lines distinguishing bowties to be for men/women are thin, and we’d urge all the pretty girls to grab these BowTies and show the men how it’s done.

Apart from BowTies, have a look at the functional and minimalist designer wallets made for men with woolen felt lining. Let’s just say these do the job whilst making you look dashing.

Awaiting their new collection, which should sport accessories for women as well.

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