Gracious Gemstone Jewellery by StyleAura

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Did Rubies, Sapphires and Amethsyts ever fascinate you?
Of course it did! There’s something about it’s sheen and cut that is extremely mysterious, and also how these semi-precious, gem stones hold the energry to heal. 
On our hunt for such jewellery, or rather for these gem stones, we happened to cross paths with StyleAura, a studio for the evolved.

Their prowess lies in crafting natural stone jewellery, vibrations of which resonate high frequency energy resulting in stunning jewellery with holistic healing benefits. Gorgeous, contemporary styled jewellery stole us the minute we entered the boutique. Simple yet sophisticated designs for the modern women, ensuring each piece is crafted with utmost perfection and accuracy.

Ideated and designed by Ruchi Kocchar, who is also a Reiki practitioner, StyleAura reflects unique, desirable jewellery. We’re in awe of a certain chokers and long statement neck pieces that would, undoubtedly, bring a whiff of newness in our ensembles.

For instance check out the nlack Onyx long chain with druzy pendant, and the natural purple-pink druxy pendant choker that is so chic. Most of the pieces are indeed simple, meant to be carried with grace whilst feeling confident and positive. Yet another stunning piece that we were gaga over is the blue beaded natural stone druzy pendant, healed to radiate ecstatic vibes. You should check out the store, and figure what works best for you, rather which stone would work best with you.

Indulge in sophisticated, alluring jewellery with healing benefits, and walk around feeling absolutely great.

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