Have you Learned the Art of Eating Desserts Yet?

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Ever considered eating a Dessert to be an Art? Well, Art of Delight in Bangalore has opened their second outlet in Koramangala and they are here to give you the joy of enjoying a Dessert alongside some beautiful artistic display of paintings and Photographs. 
A visit to Art of Delight will leave you dazed with deep thoughts and a satisfied belly. While Artists over the city have contributed their work of art in form of paintings and Photographs, similarly the artistic-chefs behind the counters put together some of the best sundaes and desserts that you will find in Bangalore.

This Dessert-bistro has spread its wings and has opened their brand new outlet in Koramangala which is decorated with intricate artistic Paintings and Photographs that are so pleasing to the eye and a lot of hidden stories within these portraits. Likewise, offering their specialty sundaes, cheesecakes & sandwiches that satisfy the stomach.

Having visited this desert parlour-cum-Art Museum, it was a great and mesmerizing experience. Now coming to the heart of the matter, the Nutella-Cheesecake, Tiramisu and Raspberry panacotta came to us in three different jars each. They were delicious to the point that we licked every last bit of it clean and gave them back the containers as though it were new. Then came to us a wonderful collection of their gourmet ice creams which I felt was the best ice creams that I‘ve ever had and I’m sure you would feel the same too. The Ferro Rocher flavoured smooth chocolate, the icy-strawberry sorbet, the chunky-choc-chip vanilla and the salty-crunchy caramel scoops were just top class ice-creams. The toppings also added to the flavour. The Mudpie sundae and Mango panacotta are also highly recommended and the colourful Red Velvet cheesecake and the hot Belgian Waffles just melt in your mouth. The Nachos with some cheese and tangy salsa was lip smacking and the milkshakes were out of this world. The desserts are top notch and innovative mixes of ice-creams make it difficult to choose what you want. 

The ambiance is simple and lovely and this is where Art of Delight beats other eateries belonging to the same genre in Koramangala furthermore all over Bangalore. They exhibit this certain positive vibe all-round the place and you are sure to depart with a smile and sense of satisfaction. The highly skilled staff happen to be a bunch of extremely sweet people welcome you with warm smiles and primarily encourages self-service but also serves in the case of big orders. They also have an outlet on Residency Road which is equally amazing. The normal cost per individual turned out to be generally Rs.160-170 which is absolutely efficient given the experience and the food they offer.

They say STRESSED Spelt backwards is DESSERT , so just  in case you’re having a bad day and you want some time on your own to contemplate on life, then I’m sure Art of Delight offers you the perfect setting and atmosphere to set yourself right and surely the ice-cream and desserts would lead you to the solution. So don’t waste your time roaming around and searching for good food when you can get all of it under one roof. Well, life is short so eat dessert first!

Author and Picture Credit: Tapan Alexander Menezes

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