Head to Rooftop Cafe for a Happy Tummy and a Happy Wallet

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Who doesn’t crave for junk food pretty much all the time? Don’t we all have times when we want to have a satisfying Pizza but not spend a bomb or when we want to eat Nachos to just fulfill the craving? If you agree with me, then this place is definitely something you should check out. Roof Top Café is located on 11th Main Road, 4th block Jayanagar. It does not have a name board, so you will have to go to the second floor of Cake Wala on 11th Main Road, 4th block Jayanagar .

The menu has Burgers, Pizza, Sides, Desserts and Milkshakes. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant and also very moderately priced. The ambiance is very basic and we focused on the food.

We ordered: Nachos with Cheese – Nachos with cheese sauce and some chopped red pepper. The cheese sauce was pretty tasty and the quantity was good for two people
(Considering you are eating other things too). Overall a decent dish to satisfy the craving.

Rooftop Special Pizza – The size is pretty small and good for one person. The pizza tasted like a homemade pizza with loads of vegetables like corn, pepper, mushroom, capsicum and also paneer and cheese. It was definitely delicious and will leave you craving for more. (Pizza always does that right?) 

Vegetable Cheese Sandwich – Again something that reminded me of a home-made vegetable sandwich. The sandwich was loaded with vegetables, mint chutney and cheese.

Oreo Milkshake – It was the perfect thing to end our lunch with. We couldn’t order any dessert as we were pretty full. This definitely felt like dessert. One can never go wrong with Oreo Milkshake I guess.

Review: We enjoyed the food and the place is very affordable.

Decent ambiance + Good food + Moderately priced = satiated stomach and happy wallet

Author and Picture Credit: Apeksha Jain

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