Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles to Munch at Waffle Nation

Attributes: Desserts, Lounge

Banashankari has its own waffle-adda now! Brace yourselves because Waffle Nation is here to change the way we eat waffles! Innovative and insta-worthy are two adjectives to describe these scrumptious waffles.
‘Deliciousness on a stick’ is how they serve their stick waffles. It is essentially, waffle on a stick! It is easy to eat and saves you all the hassles of eating a traditional waffle. The waffles are crispy on the outside and super fluffy on the inside! It is dunked in a chocolate ganache and topped with slivered nuts or crumbed Oreos. Another amazing fact is that you can choose between white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache to suit your taste buds! 
The waffles are all Hong Kong style-egg waffles! Bubble waffles are another creation that is a mat of flavour explosion in your mouth! Be it fruit or chocolate, they offer it all! 
Traditional sandwiches are passé, waffle sandwiches are here to stay! Waffle sandwiches are one of the best-sellers here! Be it the ‘saucy secretary’ or the ‘minty mistress’ the menu boasts of various flavours and choices. Quirky names and simple flavour combinations make these waffles irresistible. The signature waffle would be the ‘crunchy island’. It is a savoury waffle filled with a creamy sauce and some crunchy elements to bring out the perfect texture and make this a delectable surprise!
Now that we spilled all the beans, go there and gorge your favourite waffles!
Timings: 12noon to 10pm
Author and Picture Credit: Vaishnavi KV
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