ICEBREAKERS: The newest place for rolled Ice Cream in Koro

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Don't you think that off late, 'Rolled Ice Cream' has indeed being 'the' only way to go about it if you open an ice cream parlour? We sure do.
So, what sets the 4 Days old ICEBREAKERS apart?
- Their array of flavours?
- Their well-light ambiance?
- Their ever-so-courteous staff?
- Their freshness of ingredients?
I would say all of the above!

'Ice Cream', being something very dear to our hearts; let's just get down to business, shall we? And simply let you know why ICEBREAKERS is indeed a big hit for us.
Taking the concept of "Netflix and chill" to another level; they have NETFLIX on their menu topped, wherein you are served with delicious rolls of butterscotch ice cream, topped with popcorn, nachos, whipped cream and a cherry. As odd as it may seem to be, every bite pockets a lovely surprise.

More on the hatke side of things, ICEBREAKERS yet again brings forth a very classic notion of PEANUT BUTTER & JAM in the form of a glorious ice cream. Peanut Butter Ice Cream, topped with Jam? The place is surely going to be jam-packed for this one. (Lame pun intended)
For the more conventional taste buds, you cannot go wrong with their CHOCO CHIP ESPRESSO!

Because and simply because we in absolute awe of what we were served with; we decided to dabble around and CREATE OUR OWN ICE CREAM.
How so?

- Step 1: Choose your flavour.
From strawberry to mango, coffee to even gulab jamun; the creamy mix imbibes the flavour of your choice.

- Step 2: Choose your topping.
Choco Chips? Coconut Shreds? Gems? Magic Pop? They have it all.

- Step 3: Choose your drizzle.
Stick to the conventional chocolate sauce or caramel, or opt for nutella and whipped cream; we doubt you could go wrong.

When we whacked our heads to make our own flavour; we ended up with Gulab Jamun Ice Cream, topped with Magic Pop and Almond Flakes, along-with a Condensed Milk drizzle. 'Blissful' is the word!

With such a unique Ice Cream experience awaiting you at ICEBREAKERS; when are you making your way down there?
Psssstttt.... they are also giving a 10% DISCOUNT is you check-in on Facebook. Cheers.

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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