If there was wonderland for bikers they'd call it Riders Inn

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If you want to be happy for a day, drink.

If you want to be happy for a year, get married.

If you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a bike.

The flick of a wrist, the engine roaring, the feeling of riding against the wind. There is no other feeling better that can ever top that, the feeling of controlling a motorcycle and being free with every passing second on the motorcycle.

Ask any rider why they prefer a motorcycle and they’re going to reply by saying “Freedom”. Imagine yourself to be in a convertible car, with the roof lowered, driving fast against the wind, amplify that feeling into ten times, and that’s how riding feels.

Every time you twist that throttle towards you there is this smile on one’s face. All leading to this one moment of bliss, a feeling like you’ve been transported to another dimension, one with no boundaries. It’s just you and the bike, it’s a moment where one connects to a motorcycle, a materialistic object comes to life and also has the power to make you feel alive.

Riding is about these simple moments, it’s not always about how fast your bike can touch the 100km mark from a standstill; it’s not even of how your bike looks.  It’s about that feeling of independence and freedom the bikes gives you. You don’t need a woman in your life to go down on one knee for her, you have a bike which can help you do that at every corner, scraping against the tarmac, and trust us that feeling is an unbeatable one. It’s a much bigger commitment you make, you risk your life, you put all your faith in a machine with each passing corner, and that feeling cannot be matched, such is the love for a motorcycle.

Now when we talk about Bangalore, most of these dreams of ours are probably stuck in the everyday Bangalore traffic. We need something to keep that spark going, the passion must not stop people from buying their dream bikes. That’s where we found a perfect place, which will leave you inspired.

If there was a dreamland filled with passionate bikers in Bengaluru it would be called RIDERS INN, and you’d find this dreamland in ST MARKS road. Started by a very young couple, who’s passion for bikes speaks volumes, and you can see that passion from the moment you enter the place. What makes this place truly unique is well every single attention to detail to the place. You will start loving this place the moment you reach the place, before you could even turn of your bike/car. There is valet parking for bikes and cars, and a special parking area for superbikes. Then there is the entrance to the place, as you walk towards the place you still might hold a certain amount of doubt about how good this place could actually be. That’s when you find yourself at the door step of the place staring at the collection of number plates all around the corners of the door. The door has a spanner shaped knob, that’s when you know things are about to get interesting.

So we make our way, and one of our team mates being a huge fan of bikes falls in love with this place in the first few seconds. He also proclaims in excitement within the first 10 seconds (no exaggeration) that he is in love with the place, to which the owners respond “You haven’t even seen the place”. But we can understand when there is so much of passion; the smallest of things would get any rider excited.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the place is the cash counter table, which is made to look like a chopper bike. Every single table and we mean every single table in this café is different. You’ll find no two tables are the same. The table stands here are all made from scrap parts like car engines, pistons, valves, crankshafts and what not. To top that, everything here is given an elegant chrome finish to it, leaving behind a masterpiece at each table which we could admire all day. The tables here have no numbering, and are instead named after states. We were lucky enough to get Goa. They also have a small collection of miniature sized bikes and cars, a helmet stand and a place to hang your cool biking jackets. Do not get upset if you don’t have one yet, they are launching a merchandise stall very soon which will help you with all your biking needs.

The walls have also been given a lot of attention too. With gears and cogs all stuck to the wall with a cool pop-out of an actual car. Posters, milestones, and some very artistic spray painting done all around the place. The top floor has its own set of unique touches to it. With an outdoor seating area will occasionally be used by biker groups. A very cool looking ambassador car painted in chrome made into a very funky piece of furniture. Head lights hanging all across the ceiling of the place to instead of the usual lights you see. They also have a small part of the seating area dedicated for showcasing documentaries about bikers and motivating the people about the biking experience. We did see one of these documentaries and have already been planning our next biking expedition.

We had a lot of expectations riding on this place (pun intended), but the innovation and ambiance of the place managed to beat all of that. Riders inn in fact has been created so incredibly, we feel it’s actually going to change a lot about Biking in Bangalore and we mean that in a good way.

We also must mention this, there is something new added to ambiance of the place every week here. For instance on our visit, two new miniature bikes were added to their collection. So do tell us on your visit here about their newly added for that week upon your visit here, we would love to know about it.

Address: G-8, The Excellency Building, Opposite to Bank of India, Papanna Street, St. Marks Road, Bangalore

Phone no: 9538946180

Opening hours: 11am to 10:30pm

Pricing: 400rs per person

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