INDIA'S FIRST BBQ FOOD BIKE right here in Bangalore

Cuisines: Barbeque & Grills

Filters: Non Veg

Attributes: Street Food, Food Bike

In a city like Bangalore, that rightly boasts of having over 7000 listed eateries, it takes a lot for one to stand out! And that is exactly what the duo of Arun and Krishna did.
You've seen restaurants. You've seen food carts. You've seen food trucks.
It is time to welcome INDIA'S FIRST BBQ FOOD BIKE; satisfying your cravings with amazing finesse!

Love for bikes, and love for a good barbecue got the brother duo of Arun & Krishna Varma going to come up with something so simple, yet so 'magnificent'. So much so that I was simply awestruck looking at the setup as a side car to a classic Royal Enfield Bullet.
Painted in an uber cool shade of military green, the BBQ BIKE exudes a charismatic vibe in it's own way.

Around Kempapura or Kalyan Nagar-Kammanhalli? If yes, then you need to head there at the earliest. If not, then all the more reason for you head there earlier for, we all know the (in)famous traffic of the city.
And trust us, all the pain that you will endure is worth it for, the food is stellar to say the least.

With an ever-changing menu, on my visit I got to try their BARBECUE DRUMSTICKS, BARBECUE CHICKEN BURGER as well as BARBECUE PINEAPPLE WEDGES. Marinated with their in-house barbecue sauce, pick the Chicken Drumsticks or even their hatke offering of grilled Pineapple Wedges; they tasted as good as they looked - Spicy. Decant. Slightly sweet. In fact, they can even tweak it to your preferences.
Want yours a little soft? Ask.
Want them on the grill longer? You got it.
Extra saucy? Get your napkins ready.

With a concept so niche, it was bound to catch people's attention with ease; and rightly so for, not only their business seemed booming but, they have already sold 4 of their franchises across India.
Kudos to them for not making a successful venture but, doing so at just 21 years. Oh yes, you read in right. In fact, they are in their 3rd year of their college, with a wonder of an idea under their belt.

Off the many inscriptions on the bike, one of them that caught my eye was - 'CEO BY DAY, GRILL MASTER BY NIGHT'. Well put, I must say.

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