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If you are a true Bangalorean you’d know Idli, Dosa and Sambar ain’t authentic Kannadiga Food. The swarm of multicultural newbees in the city have gotten it all wrong but, here’s the new MASALA OOTA boasting of super delicious naati cuisine that will blow your mind. Find it on Hayes Road, Richmond Road.

It’s just been a month and they’ve already become a favourite in one of the most prime locations plating akki and ragi rottis with amazingly spicy and mouth watering curries. The inspiration was to introduce and serve a variety of local food that is homely, prices aptly and healthy. We’ve got our pick for a wholesome lunch, breaking away from the mundane Italian and American junk. Have you?

Masala Oota describe themselves as a cafe that serves soul food. I couldn’t agree more. Not only do they serve recipes of our Grandmother, they also offer an array of snacks that you’ve been enjoying at chaat kiosks seen on every other corners. Think of Nippattu bhel, Aloo Bondas and a mixed platter of Bhajjis and some godly desserts that, I vouch for, is the best way to end your meal.

The cafe has a ajji mane as well as a quirky vibe to it. A soothing mix of bright coloured elements with rustic fake windows and cycles to portray the true feel of Bangalore. Opt for their Biryani to introduce your taste buds to the Kannda-style biryani - it’s light and refreshingly sapid. If you happen to visit the cafe in the evening then do not fail to get an overdose of the Coorg special Bella Coffee; an nice blend of jaggery and percolated coffee, paired with the bhajjis and Nippattu will provide you a rich experience of delicious flavours.

Our top favourites: Mysore Mutton Chops with Akki Roti [for vegetarians try the veg Korma]. Go with the Coconut Lapa for dessert and I am pretty sure you could use some Keema Wadas.

Let us know how your experience we went, we urge you to go visit Masala Oota at your earliest and savour all that they have to offer.

Address: 12/1 Hayes Road, Residency Road. [opposite Treebo Mayflower Hotel]

Contact: 080 48543377

Shot and Written by Shreeya Bohra.

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