Kiwi Sorbet, Unicorn and More Juicy Popsicles to Slurp at Po

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Kiwi Sorbet, Unicorn and More Juicy Popsicles to Slurp at Pop-Hop!
In this era of unicorn food trend and galaxy stamped cookies, Pop-Hop is in its A-game! With uber-cool popsicles and ice-creams this place is a must-visit if you love frozen treats! 
Pop-Hop is a dessert parlour that specializes in naturally flavoured popsicles. Colourful popsicles adorn the counters with customizable toppings and sauces. Choose your favourite flavour from the wide range of fruit and chocolate flavours. Best-sellers include the banana-raspberry, bitter chocolate and blueberry cheesecake flavour. 
Other popular flavours include the green apple, unicorn, passion fruit and even paan flavour! Customise your Popsicle by dipping it into white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate sauce!  Top it off with peanuts, rainbow sprinkles, crushed cookies or crunchy cocoa bits to make your Popsicle even more exciting! Interesting flavours like peach-mango, kiwi sorbet and coconut also find a place in the menu.
Apart from the wide range of popsicles, pop-hop also serves ice-cream by-the-scoop and funky looking cakes. The bitter chocolate scoop boasts of a dark chocolate flavour which is truly indulgent and a chocoholic’s ultimate ice cream! 
Rush to pop hop and grab your favourite popsicle!
Address: New 68, Old 301-B, 10th Main Road, 36th Cross, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Opening hours: 11 AM to 11 PM
Author and Picture Credit: Vaishnavi KV

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