Looking for a Cold One in Jaynagar? Head to FROZEN BOTTLE

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Rainy nights are when you are craving for cold milky shakes and dessert jars, and we've found just the perfect place for us all to indulge in all that is fattening, iresistible and delicious. In this era of frappuccinos, it's nice to know the shakes still have designated makers and fans alike. The newly opened, current favourite, FROZEN BOTTLE in Jaynagar is all set, serving us super cold (literally), milky shakes in a glorious array of flavours.

We're suckers for innovative flavours, the blends of KITKAT OREO and CHILLI CHOCOLATE are our top favourites. Burst of interesting flavours in super cold, creamy texture enriching your taste buds on those tiresome work-day evenings is definitely a wonderful experience.

For the ól classic lovers try the Frozen way of rose, VELVETY ROSE for it's bound to delight you. BERRY BLAST, SALTED CARAMEL are for the fancy souls looking for simply yet qualtiy shakes. 
But the MUST-HAVE item we recommend is the NUTTY CHOCO JUMBO ice cream jar. Sinfully chocolaty, layered with cream, brownie chunks topped with nuts and sticks, we're sure it'll get you a chocogasm. Also loving the RED RIDING HOOD, red velvet cream jar with a medley of classic vanilla and berry sauces.

Now that we've told you what you shouldn't miss, make your way down there as soon as you can and get lost in the creamy, lustfully yummy jars and shakes, and let us know how your experience went by. Cheers.

Timings: 11 am to 12 midnight

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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