Love Corn to your core? Head out to TUMMY FUEL !

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It’s not just food that’s fuel to our body, but it is good soul satisfying food that keeps our body running, isn’t it? “Tummy Fuel” in Jayanagar honestly embraces the concept of healthy yet delectable eating all at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Their enticing food options would rush your veins through blissful elixir as fuel!

Address: 1478/1, 18th Main, 40th Cross, Jayanagar,4th T Block, Jayanagar

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Shout Out to all the CORN LOVERS!

In the journey of exploring what Tummy Fuel has to offer we had our heart set up on their unique Corn dishes!  You can find more than 10 never heard before combinations of Corn dishes which will leave you asking for more.

We were on awe of their take on corn as an ingredient and here are our recommendations so you don’t miss out on the good stuff!

Their ‘Pasta Salad’ is the healthiest yet tastiest take we ever encountered, wheat elbow pasta, three coloured bell pepper with our beloved corn; it’s a match we never thought would work so amazingly well. The ‘Cheesy Pizza Gol Gappa’ would make you forget the chaat shops you go to; alongwith other heavenly filling the grated cheese and corn alone will do wonder to your palate. For a more fulfilling meal in the middle of the day, try their Classic Club Sandwich, believe me you won’t find a better sandwich anywhere else in just 75/-. As much it makes your tatse buds go gaga it takes care of your nutritional count too.

One of the items in their menu, which we keep going back to, is the ‘Roasted Corn mint salad’; the whiff of roasted sweet corn with the fresh mint leaves, you won’t want to share this salad. If you just want to munch on something while having a great time in the humble abode of “Tummy Fuel”, just order the  ‘Desi Nachos’ for a delightful surprise. And now for the showstopper, there is nothing corn lovers more than corn on the cob, right? Well, try their Mexican Sweet corn loaded with goodness of mayo and bell peppers, its DIVINE!

Reflecting their love for good food not only in their dishes, but in their hospitality and services, “Tummy Fuel” has literally won our hearts. And hats off to them for doing their bit in saving the environment by using environment friendly cutlery too!

Head over to TUMMY FUEL this weekend to fill your soul with happiness that’ll keep you running for the week!

Lest we forget, TUMMY FUEL is giving 15% discount on all minimum orders of Rs. 200 if you are a part of CityShor Clan, so guys, don’t miss out on this!

Address: 1478/1, 18th Main, 40th Cross, Jayanagar,4th T Block, Jayanagar

Contact: 9008558558

Timings: 11AM-10PM

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