Military Hotels you MUST try: GOWDRU HOTEL

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'Local food in Bangalore'?
While it may seem to be the most idiotic question to ask for, just about everyone would state that it is simply synonymous to piping hot idlis and dosas, with sambhar and chutney on the side. You are not completely wrong but, you aren't completely correct either since the local Bangalore food scene is surely incomplete without the all famous MILITARY HOTELS!

Serving an array of glorious non vegetarian delights from Biryani to Ragi Mudde, Paya to full fledged meals; the hotels invite a mixed crowd, be it school kids or professionals, collegians or families, just about everyone wants to have a taste!
So, this week as we welcome in the New Year, CityShor pays homage to the great ol' Military Hotels!

One such hole in a wall outfit that we came across and absolutely loved, is the GOWDRU HOTEL in Indiranagar.
Serving quite a diverse variety of non vegetarian goodies, we made our way down during lunch hours and immediately asked for the MUTTON BEEGARA OOTA! And out came a platter of Ragi Mudde, Chapati, Rice, Rasam, Biryani, Boiled Egg, Mutton Masala and Mosaru Bhajji; served to you on a banana leaf, that easily redefines your idea of ample portions at pocket friendly prices.

More so, even if you ask for their BRAIN FRY or MUTTON CHAPS, it is bound to awaken even the most dullest of your taste buds, in the most outstanding way.
Decked up in a way that lets the food do the talking for them, GOWDRU HOTEL is indeed a no huss-fuss place that takes you back to a time when food indeed had a soul.

With a calling so great and with a promise to present more Military Hotels throughout the week; keep an eye out as we dig through namma Bengaluru's soul through their walls. Cheers.

-Written by Siddharth Abichandani

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