Milkshakes colder than Bangalore's weather!

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What’s colder than Bangalore you ask?

It’s the Milkshakes at Frozen Bottle!

Why would you want to have these you ask?

Just because it’s a thrilling experience! Moreover experiencing a frozen shake just tastes so divine hence giving you the best of both worlds.


It’s also such a thrilling experience to have, taking home the bottles as memories.


Now we have tried EVERY single flavour here at FROZEN BOTTLE and decided to list down our all time favourites!



SNICKERS SURPRISE: Honestly, I have tried snickers almost everywhere and been disappointed with the overly watery or diluted taste. Even at other milkshake bars, the taste of snickers has never really been dominant up until now. I was really SURPRISED to find the strong taste of SNICKERS lingering around for a long time around my palate.


While the name might sound simply, NUTTY CHOCOLATE was our favourite! It had this thick, rich chocolate flavour which just made it so divine!


One of our next favourites which stood out is their GARDEN STRAWBERRY! To our astonishment you don’t get the artificial flavours taste and this is what makes it really good!

When It comes to jars DREAM OF CARAMEL is a must try! Never before have experienced such fine salted caramel accompanied by the finest VANILLA SPONGE CAKE. This was a show stealer, eating it was quite a messy experience but we just couldn’t resist ourselves! The Vanilla flavours were just so apt, perfectly sweet, buttery texture and the flavours just slowly melt in your mouth!

Don’t hold yourself back when it comes to the calories here! It’s worth every ounce of it. This will definitely uplift your “moo”d!

Address: 568, 11th Main Road, 32nd Cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011
Timings: 11 am to 12 midnight

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