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Have you ever seen skilled Bartenders pulling off some amazing juggling stunts while making your drink, making you do feel nice about the whole experience, it’s amazing how a simple task like pouring alcohol into a glass can be made to look so entertaining.

While all of these happen at the bar, what happens to the ones dining in? What if you’re not sitting by the bar or what if there are no bar stools? That’s where Molecular Mixology comes into the picture, why stop at the bar when you can take the innovation to the customers table?

What is Molecular Mixology you ask? In simple terms, it’s the application of science in cocktail making, to give an experience like none other by applying scientific techniques or equipment to create a cocktail like none other. Imagine cocktails spheres which explode in your mouth (we mean this quite literally), multi coloured cocktails and a mix of flavours you have never experienced before.

Well guess what Bengaluru, we found a place which does all of this and a lot more than you can ever imagine. G77 Café, Indiranagar. The master Mixologist Anthony Wilson, is the man behind g77’s mind blowing cocktail collection. Anthony has won several awards and competitions being on the best bartenders around. They call him the Scientist, and we agree with that completely. His attention to detail and level of innovation is unmatched; in fact a lot of his signature competition winning cocktails are available at g77. Now doesn’t matter if you drink whisky, rum, vodka or even beer. If you have ever had a sip of alcohol in your life, we recommend this place to you. His style of making cocktails goes way beyond the conventional ways and it love at first sight for any kind of person.

DARK DREAMS:  This was favourite drink here, this whisky based cocktail, with Kalhua and coffee.  The aroma of coffee is very strong and taste of the cocktail is smoke. This is ccompanied with liquor bubbles which you can hold and pop it in your mouth for a flavoursome cocktail. An absolute must try cocktail

MEISTER’S SLAVE: Jagermeister cocktails are very common, all you see is the usual jager bomb and things like that, to move away from that and create something one of a kind Anthony makes this incredible cocktail. It has gin, vanilla and egg in it, overall more towards to sweeter side.

ORGAZTINI: As fresh and amazing as it can get, the orgaztini is a Rum based drink with pineapple, orange, coconut and egg. The pineapple, orange and coconut is one we loved a lot.

TIE- ME-UP: You must have a look at the pictures to see what they serve this in, a very fancy presentation. This is a yet another whisky based cocktail with strawberry, mint and egg. A must try.

MEXICAN STUD: This was what we were served first when we visited the place, and fell in love with the place right away. Do have a look at the pictures, a Tequila based cocktail with orange (which was loaded with rum) , pineapple, coconut and egg.

GINGER BABE: Very fancily served this Vodka based drink was nice and strong with fresh ginger, peach and green apple.

HIS & HER’s:  An extremely strong fragrance drink. You do have to hold your breath and take each sip. Very interesting, and another Whisky based drink with the add-on of gin, star anise and cinnamon.

We have given you 7 reasons to visit g77, we would love to hear your experience here and probably give us 7 more reasons why you love this place. Do share your experience in the comments below.


Address: 1200, 100 ft road,  1st floor, 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone no: 080 45128719
Pricing: 450 per person/per drink

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