Movie Review - Bhoomi

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Director: Omung Kumar
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Aditi Rao Hydari and Sharad Kelkar.

Sanjay Dutt comes back in this revenge saga to Bollywood. But Bollywood never seemed ready to have him, if Bhoomi is one of the first movies to pass him by. 

A shoe smith, Arun Sachdeva, played by Sanjay Dutt, is shattered when he realizes that his daughter has been raped by four people including Dhauli, played by Sharad Kelkar. What follows after a brief period of grieving is the revenge by the father-daughter duo.
Now every movie that involves rape delves into some really gross violence and Bhoomi is no different. The only positive here is that Sanjay Dutt makes all of it seem real and plausible. 

Omung Kumar, who showed a lot of spark with Mary Kom, seems to have fallen into the trap with a very clunky script that is totally devoid of any uniformity or consistency whatsoever. Sharad Kelkar is passable as that villain in the 80's, while Aditi Rao is perfectly suited for her role as the vulnerable and doting daughter.

Brownie points for Sanjay Dutt, who carries those extra lines on his face with aplomb and that helps a lot to his already spectacular screen presence. He is that wounded and aged tiger who nails it in every scene.

Had the aesthetics for the movie been better if not the best, Bhoomi would have been a very endearing watch.
Sadly, Omung Kumar is unable to do that.

2 shors of 5 to Sanju Baba's Bhoomi. Both of them for his sheer excellent performance.

Reviewed by: Simran Arora

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