Movie Review - Patriots Day

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Director: Peter Berg
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman and Alex Wolf

Inspired by the real life American tragedy, Patriots Day is a gripping, action packed drama that narrates the story of the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. With Mark Wahlberg as Sergeant Saunders and his fellow agents who race against time to catch the terrorists, the movie is intense and portrays every emotion of the aftermath victims and survivors impressively.

The movie begins with a sneak peek into the lives of all characters a night before the marathon. As the tragedy strikes Boston, all of them connect through the unfortunate event that forms the backdrop of Patriots Day. Perfecting the role, Mark Wahlberg convincingly plays the role of the angry unsung hero who gets his due in the end.   

Interwoven character stories and their emotional turbulence makes you feel like you’re a part of tragedy. Despite having a strong narrative in the second half, the movie which depicts the relentless investigation slows in pace. With superb performances by the supporting cast and an above average picturisation ,Patriots Day can be passed as a one-time watch!

An intense drama that ends on a positive note of solidarity, watch this one if you’re in the mood to witness a true tale of heroism!

3 Shors out of 5 for Patriots Day!

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