Mud Bottles and Mugs at INR 150, Quriky Planters and More

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One of the best discoveries we’ve made this week, MUD BORN, a #NammaBengaluru initiative, offers handcrafted mud bottles, glasses and mugs that show off tribal-art paintings with organic colours and hold numerous benefits.


Have your grandparents been raving about how they would store water, drink and cook in mud pots, and how it’s extremely healthy? Let’s just say they knew it all and were right!
The story of Yogesh and Anusha at Mud Born is somewhat the same. They found the need to reinvent the art of using mud containers to drink water, to store beverages that offer multiple health benefits.


What started as just mud bottles has now been expanded to wine glasses, tea and coffee mugs and for gardening and home decor purposes are, quirky colourful and unbelievably cute animal planters. Look at the tiger or the hippo for instance, you won’t find such creative shapes in any other gardening labels and they come in amazing range or organic colours that you can customise according to the theme of your homes or offices.


Benefits of Mud Bottles:

  • Mud is porous and acts as a natural cooling agent. Scientifically tested and an age-old habit proves this fact. The ph balance is maintained thus, drinking water from these bottles helps decrease acidity and gastronomic pains.

  • It also helps increase metabolism rate and the testosterone levels in the body, which in turn helps lose weight, minimise body heat, marks and acnes.

  • Extremely useful to eliminate cold and throat infections.

  • Mud pots are crafted by local artisans are cheaply available, ensuring you get the best without splurging or using chemically induces goodies.


Whilst you may be of the opinion that having these around is old-school, Mud Born understands how style plays a big role as well and they’ve crafted these bottles in beautiful shapes with wondrous paintings to make them look quirky and upbeat.
Their recent indulgence in indoor planters is yet another thing we’re totally digging. Easy to maintain, visually appealing and gorgeous desert plants are in-vogue for home decor this season.


We urge you to get yourself and your friends these amazing bottles, cups and mugs and gift these planters to all those you love for, it all screams #goodvibes and high energies.


Bottles are priced at: INR 150-350   

Planters range from: INR 100


Call to order: 9071273745 | 8553940232
Instagram: @mud_born


  • Written by Shreeya Bohra

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