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When it comes to food, there is no limit to the level of innovation these days. A million ways to make the same dish. While Italian, Chinese, Mexican and other such cuisines have been made easily available. They are a few cuisines struggling to make its way to be a liking to the Indian taste buds. Either being too bland or having spices which were not fancied by most Indians.

NYC food trucks is one such example. Best known for their ability to cook incredible gourmet like food in a truck with cuisines from around the world.  So famous they are in fact TV shows made on these food trucks. The taste however was never fit for the Indian taste buds.

Ramesh, who has been in the food industry for over 33 years, has managed to change that with his superior understanding of the Indian taste buds. A few months of research, and voila! Ramesh and his partner had their very own NYC inspired food truck restaurant.  NYC GYRO, Koramangala.


He got the idea of bringing NYC food trucks to India from his childhood best friend who lives in NYC. In fact they were so keen on making the Gyros delectable to the Indian taste buds; they started bringing kilograms and kilograms of gyros from NYC just to experiment with. After months of research, they cracked the code and were sure of the gyros being a favourite among the Indian crowd.

Gyro’s, which is a Greek dish, is ideally made from mutton or other meats and usually served wrapped in a flatbread such as pita or sandwich, with cucumber, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, has become a hot seller among NYC food trucks.

The ambiance of the place is set out to be very simple. With a wallpaper of New York city covering the wall on one side, and wall mounts photo frames of NYC food trucks on the other. The counter where you place the order, also where the open kitchen is, is designed to look like a food truck.


We started our trip to NYC with their CARAMELISED CHICKEN WINGS: Upon first impression these look like fiery hot wings, with the impression of slightly burnt wings. The wings is made In caramel sauce and a dash of barbeque sauce is added to it leaving a sweet and sour taste behind. The wings have a slight burnt taste to them, but that in fact goes very well with the sauces. A very unique diversion from the chicken wings we usually used to having.

LAMB GYRO: Even though we have had a lot of different kind of rolls, this one was one of a kind. Pita bread base with Lettuce, onions, bell peppers, well cooked mutton pieces topped with white sauce and sracha spicy, rolled into what turned out to be a very delicious flavoursome gyro. There subtle spices added to it has made the gyro likeable by Indians. We were not expecting it to be this good and very filling too.

VEG FALAFEL: With a similar stuffing as the lamb gyro, except with vegetable crunchy falafels. The falafels were a bit too crunchy, but tasted good never the less.

Grenadine Soda: Grenadine, a popular bar syrup with a sweet and tart flavouring to it makes for a very interesting soda. They also have lemon mint, blue curacao, black current and lychee flavours.

With the ambiance being something you need to get used to, the food is where NYC gyro really stands out. Bringing something very unique to our plates, from Caramelized chicken wings to gyro’s we loved it all here and hope you do too.

Phone no: 080 41622600

Address: 779, 80ft Road, Oppostie Nilgiri's Store, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore

Pricing: 300rs for two people

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