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Indoor and Balcony Gardens are a thing now. In fact, we can assuredly tell y’all it’s even one of the things that people judge you by when they’re at your place. We’re all for ‘Never Judging’ but honestly, a person’s idea of life and being can be understood extremely well by the way they keep their houses.
And we want our lovely audience to be able to fetch all things beautiful, useful and enriching. Check out our favourite GREEN CARPET, relocated to HSR Layout for everything you need and desire, and maybe didn’t know of but fancy about gardening.
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What’s in stock for us?

Let’s just say, all the different kinds of planters they have will confuse you crazy, and you would end up investing in most of them. At least we hope you do, because we love it all. From desktop planters to cubicos, randos, trio planters as well, they’ve got it all in wood, cane, steel, terracotta, you wish it, they deliver. In vivid range of colours and sizes, we’re loving their drip paints on terracotta pots, it’s indeed artsy.

Apart from the gorgeous plethora of planters and pots, they’ve got a variety of garden lamps, animal figurines and artefacts to deck your gardens to resemble your style and way of living. And they also provide gardening and potting solutions. Think compost, pesticides, fertilizers and the sorts. A limited yet quirky range of watering cans are also up for grabs, should you want to go all out and set up a real fine garden or a balconera.

So, what should you do? Pay a visit and splurge on all of these beautiful accessories to give your gardens a new life. And if you don’t already have a garden, build one for once you check these out we can ensure you, like us, you’d want an insanely huge garden where you can show them off at.

Let us know what you liked, what you bought and how your garden looks like in the comments below.

Written by Shreeya Bohra

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