Paan Befitting for Regal at this Gregarious Panwala!

Cuisines: Desserts

Attributes: Street Food, Cart

On the search for something exciting to finish off your meal? Guilty about the sinful desserts you indulge in? Well, 'Hello Paanwalla' is a one stop destination for all those looking to end their meal on a desi-note!

Hello paanwalla is a small shack located right opposite the Empire restaurant in Koramangala. He is famous for the innovative flavours and folding techniques that he incorporates. The whole process of making the paan is a treat to the eye! The frequent use of the word 'hello' in all their sentences seems to be the right branding campaign. It is a fun and humorous way of gaining the attention of the crowd! 'Hello uncle', we bet is more popular on facebook than you are! Too clichéd?  Well check it out yourself! Hello Paanwalla has a facebook page with regular check-ins from the crowd in Bangalore.

If you are a serious paan-eater then this might be a good change you have been looking for! The menu comprises of various flavours of paan! The 'chocolate paan' was definitely our favourite! It is a gigantic paan stuffed with crushed ice and gulkand! The paan is served on a toothpick with a cherry on the top dunked in some amazing chocolate sauce! What happens next is unbelievable! The challenge is to eat the entire paan in one bite. The sweetness from the gulkand, pungent taste of the beetle leaves and the coldness of the crushed ice all hit you at once! This paan is definitely not for the faint-hearted or for those with sensitive teeth! A must try if you are open to experimentation. Keeping in mind the non-chocoholics, the menu has various flavours of fruit paans! Seasonal flavours like mango are a must try. It is a perfect summer hog! Other fruit flavours include strawberry, lychee, green apple, black current and even roohafza!

Order the 'roll paan' to surprise your taste buds with the various exploding flavours hiding in it. Classics like the 'Maghai Paan' dabbed with edible silver are also available! Based on the size of the paan, choose between 'baby paan', 'normal paan' or  'very baby paan'. The 'gents paan' and the 'ladies paan' are just stereotypical names given to the paans. The 'gents paan' is the one described earlier. Crushed ice and gulkand wrapped in a beetle leaf, dipped in a sauce of your choice. We dare you! For those with sensitive teeth, stick to the 'ladies paan' which is equally tasty minus the chills from the crushed ice!

Do visit the paanwalla yourself to experience the taste of the unique paans and indulge in a trippy conversation with 'hello uncle'!

Author and Picture Credit: Vaishnavi KV

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