Personalize everything for a perfect date, at US Koramangala

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Continental, French

Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

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Have the entire space all to yourself and personalise a perfect, romantic date for your lover at the newly opened restaurant, US, Koramangala. Choose from delicious cuisines, themes and more.
Located on the terrace (right above Sukh Sagar), is this small, cosy restaurant. We should warn you it might take a few minutes before the place sinks kin and really starts to feel romantic. From music, to seating, to cuisines you can choose everything as per yours and your date’s choice...s. The service is impeccable; the staff takes great care to get everything to perfection.
Ideated by two girls who are still in college, Jessica (the host) knows her way round to organise a beautiful date and Kirtana Verghese (the chef) has mastered the art of cooking various cuisines in such young agea. The food is absolutely delicious.
The “US” experience begins the moment you walk out of the elevator, followed by welcome drinks. The seating depend on the package you choose. The Cityshor team personally chose the indoor table and moved on to the outdoor, as time progressed. We chose 2 different themes to get a better idea of how it is. Italian and French. The menu is constantly changing to bring about new experiences, yet we shall share what we had.
Filo sac dergant: ‘money bags’ in French; filo bags, filed with balsamic chicken, Basil and feta accompanied with bell pepper coulis.
Sole en papillote: Literally translates to fish in paper; sear fish lightly marinated in lemon butter sage sauce, and fresh herbs Baked inside butter paper.
Pommes au beurre Blanc: Herb roasted potatoes served a bed of sauted asparagus and beurre Blanc sauce. Spinach, pear and feta salad served with a lemon and dill reduction.
The US Special (which also changes every day) - A three tier dessert platter containing crinkle cookies, choices of cut fruits and mango and lemon Verrine served with delicious white chocolate fondue.
Filo sac dergent – this time crunchy layer of filo stuffed with well-cooked tender chicken served with baked capsicum sauce. Pear and Spinach Salad- rich dressing topped with cheddar cheese and pomegranate.
Spaghetti alla Pesto – creamy pesto and finely cooked and flavoured chicken that looked less but was of a generous quantity.
The US special – A three tier platter with choco-chip cookies, freshly cut fruits and this time was with orange and lemon verrine with custard and white chocolate fondue.
In the end though, as a special surprise they give a certificate of love by US and to take away 2 portions of dessert which also changes every time. We got a mango pie with mango mousse. It was a beautiful experience and highly romantic. Let your taste-buds flourish with great food, and have the perfect date you always think of at the amazingly unique and romantic US.

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